‘0:2→4:2→4:7→6:7→8:7’ There are all these types of baseball, reminiscent of autumn baseball, ‘LG thrilling reverse electrode of potential’

The LG Twins took the lead in the league alone with a thrilling come-from-behind victory after a fierce slugfest. On the other hand, KT’s winning streak ended at ‘4’.카지노사이트

The LG Twins won an 8-7 come-from-behind victory after a close match in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against KT Wiz held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 6th. LG, who scored 14 hits, defeated KT, who scored 13 hits.

With the victory on this day, LG took revenge for the defeat against KT the previous day (5th). LG recorded 48 wins, 2 draws and 28 losses. 1st place in the league standings alone. The opponent record of the two teams this season was 4 wins and 3 losses (LG dominance). A fierce all-out war reminiscent of fall baseball. On the other hand, KT failed to win 5 in a row, marking 34 wins, 2 draws and 38 losses. Now, LG will go on an expedition to Busan to play against Lotte Giants, and KT will move to Suwon hometown to play three weekend matches against KIA Tigers.

  • LG Twins : Hong Chang-ki (designated hitter) – Moon Seong-joo (right fielder) – Kim Hyun-soo (left fielder) – Austin (1st baseman) – Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop) – Park Dong-won (catcher) – Moon Bo-kyung (3rd baseman) – Park Hae-min (center fielder) – Shin Min-jae ( 2nd baseman) in order of starting batting order. Instead of canceling infielder Kim Min-seong, LG called outfielder Lee Joo-hyung. Regarding this, LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said before the game, “Kim Min-sung will have to miss more than a month due to muscle damage in his left thigh. He is old and has played a lot this season. Kim Min-sung’s void will be filled by Son Ho-young and Jung Joo-hyun.” . Park Dong-won achieved the record of 1100 appearances for the 139th time in KBO history.
  • KT Wiz : Alford (left fielder) – Kim Sang-soo (shortstop) – Hwang Jae-kyun (3rd baseman) – Park Byeong-ho (1st baseman) – Moon Sang-cheol (designated hitter) – Kim Hyun-woo (catcher) – Park Kyung-soo (2nd baseman) – Ahn Chi-young (right fielder) – Assignment It was in the order of large (middle field). Instead of registering pitcher Park Se-jin in the first-team entry, KT canceled the pitcher-only stock. Prior to the game, KT coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “I’ve been using Kim Sang-soo as the leadoff, but I think I have to consider the physical aspect, so I went down in the second batting order. excluded,” he said.

  • ◆ Episodes 1-3: ‘Perfect Pitcher Match’
  • The LG selection is Casey Kelly. KT selection is William Cuevas. As expected, at the beginning of the game, he pitched perfectly, befitting an ace pitcher representing both teams. First, Kelly did not allow a single batter to get on base from the first to the third inning. In the top of the first inning, he struck out Alford on a swing, struck out Kim Sang-soo with a knock-out, and knocked out Hwang Jae-kyun with a floating ball in right field. At the beginning of the second inning, Park Byeong-ho was struck out on a swing after a 9-pitch match, and Moon Sang-cheol was struck out with 3 pitches. Kang Hyun-woo also finished the second inning by handling the pitcher’s ground ball. The third time was also a three-way offense.

Cuevas also fought hard. At the end of the first inning, lead batter Hong Chang-ki was given a right-handed hit, but after inducing Moon Seong-joo with a floating ball to third base, Hong Chang-ki was put out as a check when Kim Hyun-soo was at bat. Kim Hyun-soo struck out on three pitches, ending the inning. In the second inning, he threw a walk to Park Dong-won after two outs, but Moon Bo-kyung was flown out to center fielder. In the third episode, it was a three-way offense.
◆ Episodes 4~6: Kelly shaken first → LG immediately knocked down Cuevas → LG Kelly and Pil Seung-jo collapsed again → KT bullpen also shaken
It was KT who shook the opponent’s selection first. 4th inning. After one out, Kim Sang-soo went to base with a hit in the middle left, and then went to third base using quick feet when he hit a double that fell to the left of Hwang Jae-gyun’s left fielder. Then Park Byeong-ho struck a timely hit and called third base runner Kim Sang-soo home (0-1). With a two-run lead on his back, Cuevas gave Kim Hyun-soo a right-handed hit after one out in the bottom of the 4th inning, but struck out Austin on a swing and eliminated Oh Ji-hwan with a ground ball to first base.

The first inflection point came in the 5th episode. Kelly faced another crisis in the top of the fifth. could easily collapse. However, she passed this moment well and laid the foundation for a counterattack. After one shot, Ahn Chi-young and Bae Jeong-dae hit consecutive hits. Inducing the follow-up Alford to a grounder on third base, he became 2nd, 1st and 3rd base. The next hitter was Kim Sang-soo, who had hit a home run the day before. Alford succeeded in stealing second base and put pressure on LG. But Kelly laughed. The result was a flyout to right field. End of inning.

5th inning. LG hit Cuevas, which had been thrown so well, and completely turned the tide of the battle. Leading batter Park Dong-won reached base with an infield hit to the shortstop, and Moon Bo-kyung walked. Park Hae-min’s sacrifice bunt made LG a chance to run 2nd and 3rd base. Afterwards, Shin Min-jae made up for one point with a timely hit in the middle. (1-2) The next hitter was Hong Chang-ki. Shin Min-jae stole second base and set a counter fire to KT’s running base play earlier. In the end, Hong Chang-ki made a sacrifice hit to the center fielder and turned the game to 2-2. This was not the end. Moon Seong-joo struck a timely hit in the left field and overturned the game to 3-2. Moon Seong-joo also stole second base, while Kim Hyun-soo hit the right hand at the right time to make it 4-2. Austin’s left-center hit continued the opportunity for 2 out, 1st and 3rd base, but Oh Ji-hwan, who had been sluggish in the last 4 games, withdrew his head with a ground ball to 2nd base.

However, LG’s momentum did not last long. The 6th inning followed immediately. KT overturned the game by attacking Pilseungjo after knocking out Kelly. Leading batter Hwang Jae-kyun’s walk, Park Byung-ho’s left-center hit, and pinch hitter Kim Min-hyeok’s sacrifice bunt created opportunities for one out, second and third base. Hwang Jae-gyun was home when Kang Hyeon-woo grounded second base, and the score was 4-3. As Park Kyung-soo continued to hit left-handed hits, LG eventually dropped starter Kelly. And the pitcher on the mound is LG’s most powerful card, Park Myeong-geun. Here, KT faced off with pinch hitter Jang Seong-woo.

For an instant, there was a sense of tension in Jamsil Stadium. After a full count game, Jang Seong-woo went on base with a ball that hit his body on the 6th pitch. A perfect chance to top the bases. KT put more pressure on LG by excluding first base runner Seong-Woo Jang and injecting runner Jo Yong-Ho. The next hitter was Bae Jeong-dae, who broke silence in the previous at-bat and hit. In the end, the winner was the assigned team. At a disadvantageous ball count of 1-2, Park Myung-geun’s 4th pitch changeup (128km) was attacked, and 2 RBIs were hit in the middle left at the right time, turning the game to 5-4. Continuing, Park Myeong-geun threw a walk to the follow-up Alford, and faced the bases loaded crisis again. Eventually, LG replaced the pitcher here again. Ham Deok-joo, ‘Pilseungjo’, was put in. The next hitter is ‘HOT’ Kim Sang-soo. After the first pitch strike, Kim Sang-soo hit Deok-joo Ham’s second fastball (140 km) to create a right-handed hit. Runner on third base and runner on second base are both home. (7-4) During this process, batter runner Kim Sang-soo caught a rundown between first and second base, and Alford rushed home. At this time, Oh Ji-hwan calmly threw the ball home and put Alford out. Initially, a safe decision was made, but after LG applied for a video review, it was overturned as an out. It was an inning that KT overturned the game to 7-4 by scoring 5 points only in the 6th inning.

KT Wiz and LG Twins faced off on the 6th at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul. After two outs in the top of the 6th inning, LG Park Dong-won is blocking Alford from rushing home.
At the end of the 6th inning, KT lowered the starter Cuevas and raised Lee Sang-dong. Lee Sang-dong treated Park Dong-won with a mid-fielder fly ball and Moon Bo-gyeong with a shortstop ground ball, respectively, but Park Hae-min hit a double in the middle left and handed the mound to Sovereignty. However, Shin Min-jae was allowed a deep infield hit by the third baseman and was driven into a crisis on the 1st and 3rd base, Hong Chang-ki hit the right middle and Moon Sung-joo hit the right. The score is 7-6. LG pursued by one point. Continued 1st and 3rd base opportunities. At this time, manager Lee Kang-cheol climbed the mound himself. it was a replacement Sovereign grater. Park Se-jin, who called up that day, was put in. Park Se-jin overcame the crisis by inducing Kim Hyeon-su to a shortstop ground ball in the first pitch. Kim Sang-soo’s one-bound throw was well caught by Park Byung-ho with exquisite glove handling.

◆ 7th ~ 9th: In the end, LG was the winner… 7th inning Oh Ji-hwan’s 7:7 dramatic tie → 8th inning Hong Chang-ki’s 8:7 come-from-behind hit
However, the match continued to flow in an unknown flow. KT’s attack in the top of the 7th inning. Ham Deok-joo is still LG’s pitcher. After one out, Park Byung-ho hit right and Min-hyeok Kim got a chance to first and second base with a hit to left-center. Hyunwoo Kang struck out. He gave up a walk to Park Kyung-soo and brought the bases loaded crisis upon himself. However, he overcame a big crisis by striking out Cho Yong-ho with a swinging miss after a game that went as far as 11 pitches.

And the bottom of the 7th inning immediately followed. In the end, LG turned the game to the starting point with a big one. The situation where KT put in Park Young-hyun, the most reliable player in the bullpen. Leading batter Austin struck out. Oh Ji-hwan stepped into the plate. Park Young-hyun threw two balls after the first pitch strike. and the 4th pitch. Park Young-Hyun’s 146.5km high fastball was hit and connected with a solo shot that went over the right fence to tie the score.

It was Oh Ji-hwan who broke away from the terrible silence and tied the score for the decisive second home run of the season. Jung Woo-young allowed a hit to the lead batsman, but led Alford to a double hit in front of the shortstop. Kim Sang-soo had a heavy hit, but Hwang Jae-gyun struck out looking. End of the inning. And in the bottom of the 8th, LG overturned the game. The KT pitcher is Kim Min-soo. Leading batter Park Hae-min stepped on first base with a hit in the middle right, then succeeded in stealing second base when Shin Min-jae was at bat. Park Hae-min, who went to third base with Shin Min-jae’s sacrifice bunt, scored a come-from-behind score when Hong Chang-ki hit a double in the middle right at the right time. In the end, LG posted a closer Ko Woo-seok at the end of the 9th inning, and defended the victory by one point with a three-way offense.

After the game, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, the winner, said, “It was a tough game overall, but I want to praise our players for their persistence in winning. Recently, Hong Chang-ki, who has the best hitting feeling, was able to win by hitting the decisive final blow. On the pitcher’s side, the starting and winning groups were a little shaken, but Deok-ju Ham, Woo-young Jung, and Woo-seok Ko, who came out behind, blocked 3 innings well in tough situations. They created a platform for victory. Today’s victory seems to have a great meaning. I want to praise the players once again. Today, thanks to the passionate fans who cheered me on, I was able to win a come-from-behind victory. Thank you.”

◆ Major pitching and batting records in the KT-LG match on the 6th
LG starter Kelly marked 5 runs (5 earned) with 7 hits and 1 walk in 5⅔ innings. Then, Park Myeong-geun (0 innings, 1 hit, 2 runs), Ham Deok-joo (1⅓ innings, 3 hits, no runs), Jung Woo-young (1 inning), and Ko Woo-seok (1 inning) threw in turn. Victory pitcher Jung Woo-young (2 wins, 4 losses). Save Go Woo-seok (2 wins, 3 losses, 7 saves). Kelly became the 62nd player in KBO history to pitch 100 innings in five consecutive seasons. In the 14 hits, Hong Chang-ki had 3 hits, and Moon Seong-joo, Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min, and Shin Min-jae played an active part in multi-hits.

On the other hand, KT starter Cuevas posted 5 innings, 7 hits, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts and 4 runs (4 earned). Lee Sang-dong (⅔ innings, 1 run), Joo Kwon (0 innings, 1 run), Park Se-jin (⅓ innings, no run), Park Young-hyun (1 inning, 1 run), and Kim Min-soo (1 inning, 1 run) pitched in turn. The losing pitcher was Kim Min-soo (1 loss). In the lineup of 13 hits, Kim Sang-soo, Park Byeong-ho, and Bae Jeong-dae scored 3 hits each.

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