1st place female research student, Lee Seo-yeong ‘professional’

The 58th Female Research Student Enrollment Contest Defeat
Choi Seo-bi at the Enrollment Determination Bureau

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) 18-year-old Lee Seo-young succeeded in joining the professional team through the Female Research Student Enrollment Contest conducted by the Korea Kiwon. Lee Seo-young achieved her dream of joining by defeating Choi Seo-bi (15) at the 58th Women’s Enrollment Contest (Research Student) Enrollment Decision Bureau held in Kiwon, Korea on the 20th. 토토사이트

Right after joining the team, Lee Seo-young’s first team said, “I’m still calm because I can’t feel it. Recently, I was shaken a lot because of my poor grades, but I really want to say thank you to my mother and to my seniors and juniors at the school who encouraged me every time.” I also thank the master. There are so many other people to thank.”

In this female research student recruitment contest, female research students ranked 1st to 10th participated. Lee Seo-young, the first team, went straight to the final round as the first female research student, and then passed her entrance gate with two consecutive victories in the 4-person tournament.

With Lee Seo-young’s first team joining, the number of professional players belonging to the Korea Kiwon increased to 409. There are 331 male knights and 78 female knights.