’26 Samsung Man’ Chae Yoon-seok, Samsung Life Women’s table tennis team coach, “Thanks to the players” for the first win in his coaching career

He has been on a team for 26 years and has learned ‘The King of Kings’ as a player, trainer, and coach. In his first year as head coach, he gained a lot from achieving half success in the Korean Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL). Chae Yoon-seok (45), c메이저놀이터oach of the women’s table tennis team at Samsung Life Insurance, took advantage of this experience to help the team win the table tennis championship for the first time in five years, reaching the top for the first time in his coaching career.

On the 12th, Samsung Life Insurance won the match score 3-2 in the women’s team final match against the Korean Racing Association held at Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi. It was thanks to the ‘one-two punch’ Joo Chun-hee (21) and Lee Si-on (27) beat Choi Hyo-joo (25) and Seo Hyo-won (36) one after another from the 4th match with a score of 1-2. Director Chae Yoon-seok joined Samsung Life Insurance in 1997, worked as a trainer and coach for the men’s team in 2013, and was appointed as a manager for the women’s team in October of last year. there is.

Coach Chae said in a phone call with Sports Donga on the 13th, “It is really difficult to win any competition. “I am grateful to the players for winning the championship sooner than expected after taking office,” he said. I talked a lot while eating with the players yesterday, and I want to achieve better results using this championship as a stepping stone.”

Last year, “I emphasized three factors to players: speed, strength, and course. He is also considering running a professional doubles union,” he said in his inaugural address, and is the director. He said, “I still want to give myself 60 points, but I want to fill the remaining 40 points during my tenure. We intensively hired Wi Ye-ji (23) and Lee Chae-yeon (20) as a doubles professional combination, and they worked better than I thought.” It was great,” he said, looking back on the past six months.

After the tight KTTL schedule and domestic competitions, Samsung Life Insurance is going into a break. Lee Si-on and Joo Chun-hee will compete in the WTT Star Contender Tournament to be held in Thailand starting on the 21st, but the rest of the players will begin to harden for a month in May. Director Chae plans to use this as an opportunity.

Coach Chae said, “There is a lot of physical strain because we only play matches, but players with residual injuries are more likely to suffer from chronic injuries.” said.

He continued, “I only took charge of the men’s team throughout my leadership career, but now that I am in charge of the women’s team, I have felt that the players are delicate.” The players don’t follow me just because I lead with my will, so I will help them move in a good direction while adjusting.

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