6 consecutive losses → 3 consecutive wins, great reversal, consecutive mistakes → come-from-behind wins and relief [Oh!Ssen Okinawa]

Samsung Lions veteran catcher Kang Min-ho took a breather as his team won a come-from-behind victory.

Samsung won 6-5 in a practice game against SSG Landers held at Akama Stadium in Onna-son, Okinawa, Japan on the 6th. Kang Min-ho, who started as catcher and hitter 5, showed a good sense of hitting with 2 hits and 1 RBI in 4 at-bats, including a solo home run.메이저사이트

Samsung fell into a six-game losing streak, but succeeded in reversing the mood by winning 4-3 in a practice game against the Yomiuri Giants on the 4th. On the 5th, against the KIA Tigers, he scored 8 points in the 9th inning and won 11-7. It was three consecutive wins until the SSG match that day.

Kang Min-ho looked back on the day’s game, saying, “There was a losing streak, but it seems to be meaningful to be able to return in a good mood by winning 3 consecutive games.”

There was a situation where the atmosphere subsided during the game that day. After 1 out in the 4th inning against 1-1, Baek Jeong-hyeon gave a series of walks to Eui-san Jeon and Seong-han Park. He then allowed Choi Joo-hwan to score two RBIs in a timely manner.

The lead was lost again, but a defensive mistake led to a run. Second baseman Kim Jae-sang and third baseman Kang Han-wool made a mistake, and Samsung only contributed 4 points in the 4th inning.

Kang Min-ho said, “It’s a practice game, but it’s natural that the atmosphere isn’t good when we lose. There was a mistake today, so the atmosphere wasn’t good. Still, it seems that he won and was buried. As a result, I think it feels good to win at the end of a sports game,” he said with a laugh.

Samsung overturned the game by scoring 3 points at the end of the 5th, 1 point at the end of the 6th, and 1 point at the end of the 7th from 1-5. After 6 consecutive losses, they were shaken by 3 consecutive wins and 2 errors in the 4th inning, but the Samsung players were relieved with a come-from-behind victory.

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