7 collisions including school trip bus in Hongcheon… 82 middle school students, including middle school students

In Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, seven vehicles, including a school trip bus토토사이트, collided with each other, injuring about 80 people. Police believe the accident was caused by the bus driver’s drowsy driving.

According to the police and fire authorities on the 16th, around 1:26 pm on the same day, 3 school trip buses, 3 trucks, and 1 car carrying 2nd graders from A Middle School in Seoul were near Donghongcheon Interchange (IC) of National Road No. 44 in Seongsan-ri, Hwachon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon- do . in a chain collision.

Three people, including two students and a driver, who were on the school trip bus were seriously injured in the accident and were taken to the hospital for treatment. The seriously injured complained of chest pain in the aftermath of the collision, but it is known that their lives were not affected. In addition, 79 people, including 2 bus drivers, 70 students, 4 teachers and 3 lorry drivers, suffered minor injuries. Immediately after the accident, the police and fire authorities put in 23 ambulances and other equipment and 50 people to carry out rescue operations.

Police believe the accident was caused by drowsy driving. A police official said, “Most of the students were wearing seat belts, and there were no major injuries because the impact was not strong.” said.

Meanwhile, at middle school A, it is known that two days ago, on the 14th, in Gangneung, Gangwon Province, a school trip bus with 3rd grade students was involved in a traffic accident. At that time, a school trip bus carrying 25 third-year students and three teachers collided with a 1-ton truck, resulting in minor injuries to five students and the truck driver. A police officer explained, “The tour buses that the 3rd and 2nd graders boarded, respectively, do not belong to the same company.”

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