‘90% win rate when 5 points+’ Jo Sang-yeol, “I am very grateful and sorry”

“I felt very grateful, but my apologetic feeling was even greater.”

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation is in 9th place with 15 wins and 28 losses. The chances of making the playoffs are slim.

However, as soon as they got out of 9 consecutive losses, they rebounded with 2 consecutive wins. It’s not entirely impossible to make the playoffs if you run a longer winning streak.

Cho Sang-yeol is one of the players who contributed to the rebound. The flow changed when Jo Sang-yeol, who had a sticky defense and burst out one shot at a time when necessary, returned from injury.

Cho Sang-yeol played an average of 16 minutes and 38 seconds in 21 games this season, recording a 4.0 point and 3-point shot success rate of 46.8% (22/47).

In particular, in the 10 games in which Jo Sang-yeol raised more than 5 points, KOGAS recorded 9 wins and 1 loss, with a win rate of 90%. In the matches Jo Sang-yeol participated in, he recorded 12 wins and 9 losses, with a win rate of 57.1%, much higher than the current win rate of KOGAS (34.9%).

Records show that if Jo Sang-yeol, who focuses more on dirty work such as defense, scores points, KOGAS’ chances of winning increase.메이저사이트

Cho Sang-yeol, who was absent for about three weeks after the match against Wonju DB on the 26th of last month, explained why he could not play, saying, “I was diagnosed with a thigh muscle injury after bumping into Hernandez in the match against DB for 2-3 weeks.”

Cho Sang-yeol, who almost injured his shoulder in the match against Seoul Samsung, said, “Fortunately, my arm was pressed in the right position. If he had his arm raised, the trainer said he would have broken a bone or lost a shoulder.” The thighs are fine, the shoulders are hard to lift. One shot hurts. In the match against KCC, the first shot missed but went in. So he threw with confidence (laughs). People around you joke that you have to be sick to make a shot (laughs). I don’t like to be sick.”

When asked about the difference when rebounding with 2 consecutive wins after 9 consecutive losses, Jo Sang-yeol said, “Even when we lost 9 consecutive losses, there was no one-sided defeat. When we analyzed the game among ourselves, we would bump into or throw our bodies in the first half, trying to run even one more step. In the 3rd and 4th quarters, that fell off,” he said. I do that because I think that if the seniors who run the game show it with their bodies, the players will follow. Cha Bawi really suffers more than me. Grab the rebound without sacrificing your body. I also try to do that while watching it. In the last two games, I haven’t been pushed back from rebounding.”

Although we won the match against KCC, the finish of the match was not satisfactory. Still, winning the battle is positive.

Jo Sang-yeol said, “I relieved the burden (losing in a close match) with KCC. When we made a mistake, we didn’t say anything and put on a gloomy expression, but this time, it was helpful to say that it was okay while talking, and to communicate with encouragement and encouragement.” I want to,” he wished.

KOGAS has time to reorganize the team for about a week.

Jo Sang-yeol said, “The director emphasizes the sixth man. The condition of a strong team is that the difference between the starter and the sixth man is small,” he said. There were things the sixth men couldn’t do when they were on a losing streak, so the sixth men have to play as a team and participate in rebounding a lot. It’s not a situation where we run less and bump less than the other team.”

On the 19th, Jo Sang-yeol left the court after an interview with a relay broadcasting company in the confrontation with KCC, and bowed his head to the fans. Fans responded with cheers.

Jo Sang-yeol said, “I am very grateful, but I am more apologetic. Originally, I was going to just wave my hand and go in, but I bowed 90 degrees before I knew it.” I was grateful because it was a very affectionate voice, and I felt grateful that he told me to cheer up when he passed by. Along with my gratitude, I also felt a lot of apology.”

Gas Corporation will face Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 26th. When Jo Sang-yeol raised more than 5 points, he beat KGC Ginseng Corporation twice.

If Jo Sang-yeol plays an active role in air defense, KOGAS can continue its hopes of advancing to the playoffs by winning three consecutive wins.

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