A freshman scores a career-high 33 points in a game, and Jang Hyun-seo’s incredible scoring performance.

Myeongji University freshman Jang Hyun-seo (181 cm, G) exploded for a game-high 33 points.

Myongji snapped a three-game losing streak with a 96-76 victory over Chosun University on Nov. 24.

It’s a must-win game, but nothing is a given. A loss to Chosun University would have ended their hopes of making their first playoff appearance of the season먹튀검증.

Tied 23-20 in the first quarter, Myeongji University gradually increased its lead in the second quarter. Jung In-ho, who is supposed to lead the team in scoring alongside So Jun-hyuk and Jun Harrigan, was held to four points. Jang Hyun-seo stepped up to the plate.

Jang Hyun-seo scored steadily in every quarter and poured in 33 points. Jang Hyun-seo was a freshman who had totaled 16 points in four games before this one. Once he was given a chance to play against Chosun University, he showed off his scoring prowess.

The 33 points is the most points scored in a single game in the college basketball league this year.

30+ points in a single game in the college league in 2023
Lee Ju-young 30 points March 17 vs. Kyung Hee University
Lee Kang-hyun 32 points March 23 vs. Myongji University
Freddie 30 points May 4 vs. Sangmyung University
Jang Hyun-seo 33 points May 24 vs. Chosun University

Myungji head coach Kim Tae-jin said, “Jang Hyun-seo is good at one-on-one. Chosun University plays a tight defense, so he was able to break through. There is a pattern of drilling one-on-one. (Jang Hyun-seo) took advantage of that. Even though his mid-range shot wasn’t good, he made all of them, and he made all of his floaters. That’s how she plays basketball. “I told him to pass when he’s blocked, but he didn’t get help defense, so he had a chance to score,” he said. “If he doesn’t, I told him to stop, and then his brothers would have a chance. That’s how we played in the second half. So I gave Hyun-seo a chance to attack, and Lee Min-chul could rest,” he said, praising Jang Hyun-seo.

He continued, “If we improve on our shortcomings, we can go up a level. In this winter training, she was really good, but when we played against a team with a rotation defense, she didn’t pass. “Against Chosun University, I was confident because it was her timing, and my teammates liked it. When the defense sagged (to stop her), I had the next alternative. It gave me confidence,” he added.

Lee Min-cheol added, “Jang Hyun-seo is good at one-on-one, but the defense was tight, so I had more chances, and Hyun-seo did a good job. I was grateful that she did what I needed to do.”

“It helped that I always practiced a lot at night,” Jang said, “I think I practiced more than 100 shots a day, so the shots went in.”

Jang has been a breakout player since middle school, citing it as one of her strengths. In high school, she played as an offensive guard.

As a freshman this year, Jang made a name for herself on the collegiate level by scoring the most points in a single game.

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