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A customer who bought 3,000 won worth of fish cakes asked the store to pay 300,000 won for washing the car, saying that the fish cake soup leaked in the car, drawing attention from netizens.

On the 18th, several photos were posted on the online community ‘Bobaedream’ with the title ‘I suffered something I only saw on the news, should I compensate?’메이저놀이터

Mr. A, a self-employed person who wrote the article, said, “The customer packed 3,000 won worth of fish cakes and left, but it seems that he put the things he bought on top of the fish cakes. Then, I came to the store to ask for compensation for leaking fish cake soup.”

Several photos uploaded by Mr. A show the bottom of the cloth bag that looks like a shopping cart getting wet, and the inside seat of the car getting wet. It seems that fish cake soup leaked from inside the shopping cart and soaked the vehicle seat.

Mr. A said, “We thought about washing the interior sheets, but (the customer) said, ‘You have to take the sheets off. What will I do if I still don’t fall in? How can I trust you?’

A customer demanded compensation for leaking fish cake soup on the car seat. online community capture

He complained, ” I watched the CCTV with my husband after the store was closed, and no matter how many times I looked, the staff confirmed that the fish cake soup was not leaking and gave it to me. I even confirmed that the customer was putting it in the shopping cart and leaving.”

Mr. A was taken aback, saying, “The sale was completed as a normal product, so should I even pay compensation? Closed-circuit ( CC ) TV showed an employee checking fish cake after putting it in a plastic container and wrapping the top in plastic.

Netizens who heard the story said, “There is no need to ask,” and said it was the customer’s negligence. They continued their opinions, such as “It seems to have exploded with pressure because a heavy object was placed on top of the fish cake” and “It does not seem to be the fault of the fish cake shop.”

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