Ace Kim Min-woo received the highest non-FA salary, and Ha Joo-seok was cut by 109 million won… Hanwha Eagles, contract renewal with 49 people, start spring camp on the 29th

Kim Min-woo received the highest salary as a non-FA, and Ha Joo-seok, who was suspended for 70 games for drunk driving, suffered the largest annual salary cut.

The Hanwha Eagles announced on the 26th that they had concluded annual salary contracts with 49 new contract recipients before leaving for field training in Arizona, USA.토토사이트

As a non-FA player, the highest salary went to ace Kim Min-woo. In 29 games last year, with 6 wins and 11 losses and an average ERA of 4.36, his performance fell short of expectations, but Kim Min-woo, who threw 163 innings and was the only team pitcher to exceed the regular innings, raised 37 million won, a 19.4% increase from 191 million won, to 2. The contract was completed with 28 million won.

Kim In-hwan, who joined as a foster player in 2016 and played full-time for the first time last year and hit the most home runs in the team with 16 homers, raised 100% from 32 million won to 64 million won, showing the highest increase rate.

Second baseman Jeong Eun-won signed a contract with an annual salary of 218 million won, an increase of 27.2 million won (14.3%), and became a player with an annual salary of 200 million won. done.

In addition, veteran right-handed pitcher Min-jae Jang, who started out as a bullpen and established himself as a starter, renewed his contract with an annual salary of 39 million won, a 51.3% increase from last year’s 76 million won, to 115 million won, and returned as a player with an annual salary of 100 million won in three years. Jang Min-jae received 110 million won in 2020, so at the age of 33, he received his highest annual salary.

On the other hand, Ha Joo-seok, who was disciplined for drunk driving, finished the contract at 100 million won, a reduction of 109 million won from 209 million won.

Hanwha said, “In order to strengthen the motivation of players, we have prepared a standard for selecting options for players with annual salary increases of 100 million won or more compared to the previous year and introduced them into salary negotiations.” It was explained that sophisticated customized conditions were presented to each individual, and that if the option was achieved, incentives besides the contractual salary would be paid.

After completing the annual salary contract, the Hanwha team will depart for the Arizona spring camp on the 29th. The Future Team (2nd team) prepares for the season in Kochi, Japan.

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