After a surprise pardon, the pardon sucks… The Football Association eventually reconsidered the controversy

This is sports news. The Football Association, which had decided to pardon the match-fixing ringleaders, eventually gave up due to strong opposition. I’m going to review again tomorrow (31st), but it was a series of tricks throughout the process.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


One day after the amnesty announcement먹튀검증, the Football Association issued a statement, but the controversy did not subside.

The label of ‘snatching amnesty’ was attached to the ‘surprise indulgence’, but there was no apology or reflection, and the necessity of the amnesty was not convinced.

“The purpose is to give those who have fully reflected on themselves a chance to recover,” but rather angered them with the contradictory words, “There is no tolerance for match fixing.”

It was said, “If the parties are notified after reporting to the Korea Sports Council, the pardon will take effect,” but the legitimacy was not recognized as the Korea Sports Council said, “There is no regulation itself to delete the disciplinary record.”

He emphasized that “even if you are pardoned, it is virtually difficult to return as a player or leader in the professional football field,” but the word ‘actually’ opened up room for interpretation and was criticized as a ‘trick’.

In the end, the controversy over the amnesty, which lost both practicality and justification, ended as a result of ‘reconsideration’.

The Football Association has decided to hold a temporary board meeting tomorrow afternoon.

“There are a lot of concerns raised, so we’re going to revisit them quickly,” he said.

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