Anyone wants… 2023 KBF, i-League Opening ‘Billiards school after school’

Anyone! if you want! challenge! i-League~’

The Korea Billiards Federation (Chairman Park Bo-hwan) announced that the 2023 KBF i-League (i-League) has opened, starting with the Daejeon Seo-gu League on the 15th. The league will run for a total of five months, ending in September.

KBF i-League is카지노사이트 ‘Anyone! If you want!’ Billiards education classes, after-school billiards schools, and Summit-type i-League will be held at the center of the league, where children and young people can participate even if they are not familiar with billiards.

Like last year, Dr. Park Woo-jin, former senior researcher at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Germany and Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Research Institute, will give a special lecture on ‘Billiards and Physics’. 

The after-school billiards school is a class where professional billiards instructors are assigned to the schools of your choice among the schools that have conducted visiting billiards education classes, and will provide opportunities for children to learn billiards themselves.

The i-League Summit is a new game method for children and youths who aim to reach the top by solving given problems. A total of 3 opportunities are given, and the number of points earned varies depending on the time of success.

In addition, Q-Festa, the only family billiards camp in the world targeting students and parents participating in the i-League, will also be held in August. A billiards festival will be held with various contents such as special lectures and lessons on billiards, events inviting star players, and recreational activities related to billiards.

Each school can apply for the visiting billiards education class and after-school billiards school, and the i-League Summit can apply individually or as a group at the regional level. League participation inquiries can be made through each provincial billiards federation.

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