Applause burst out in the video of the late director Yoo Sang-cheol… 1,800 ‘Incheon Fans’ launching ceremony

Incheon United successfully completed the ceremony with 1,800 fans.

On the 19th, the 2023 Incheon United ceremony was held in the auditorium of the Incheon Global Campus in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon. The 1,800 seats pre-booked by Incheon fans were sold out, with the team including owner Jung-bok Yoo, Mayor of Incheon, CEO Jeon Jeon-soo, and coach Jo Seong-hwan participating. This ceremony was held for the first time in four years since 2019 due to COVID-19.

The ceremony started with the Incheon cheering song. About 1,800 fans lifted their scarves in unison at the leading edge of the emcee. The cheering song that was sung together heated up the atmosphere.먹튀검증

In the 2019 season, when the scene of former Incheon coach Yoo Sang-cheol leading the team and miraculous retention came out, applause rang out in the hall. Director Yoo passed away while battling pancreatic cancer seven months after Incheon’s decision to remain. Again, when the scene of the 2022 season, when Incheon led the ACL advances for the first time last season, there was a big applause again.

Prior to the announcement of the new uniforms for the 2023 season, fans also joined the time to look back at Incheon’s previous uniforms. From the 2004 season to the 2022 season, Incheon fans wore all the uniforms and went on stage.

Citizens of Incheon also attended the appointment ceremony of the captains. The captain and vice-captain of Incheon Middle School, the winning team of the 2019 Incheon Middle Star League, became adults at the age of 20 and delivered armbands to captain Oh Ban-seok and vice-captain Lee Myeong-ju.

Fans cheered by calling the players during the event. When the talent show stage of Kim Hyeon-seo and Kim Geon-hee, newcomers who had not yet made their debut, was over, they called the two players and let them experience the atmosphere of the stadium in advance.

Goalkeeper Kim Yu-seong, who is in his fourth year as a pro, was also impressed by the calls from the fans. Kim Yu-seong has yet to make his K-League 1 debut in Incheon. This is because seniors Lee Tae-hee, Kim Dong-heon, and Min Seong-jun are holding on one after another. Because of this, I had little experience of hearing a call in actual combat, but I was thrilled when the call rang at the initiative of the moderator.

Meanwhile, the second part of the event was held with fans participating in earnest. A light awards ceremony was held in advance through a fan survey, and fans answered quizzes given by foreign players. The players answered the questions written on the memos that the fans had pasted in advance, and the ceremony was over.

Captain Oh Ban-seok said, “I can feel the start of the season because so many fans came to the launch ceremony.

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