‘Archery Prospect’ Daejeon Saeilcho Yun No-eul, sets a new Korean record

An elementary school 토스카지노archer who set a new Korean record as well as first place in a national competition in less than two years after entering archery is a hot topic.

Reporter Jeong-pyo Hong met the main character, No-eul Yoon, who attends an elementary school in Daejeon.


An arrow that deviated from the bowstring hits the target.

Hundreds of shots are fired every day, but most of them are perfect.

Yoon No-eul, a 6th grade student at Saeil Elementary School in Daejeon, took first place in the 35-meter elementary school women’s 35-meter event at the National Archery Championships held in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do earlier this month, and proudly set a new Korean record. [ Soundbite]

Yoon No-eul/Daejeon Saeil Elementary School 6th grader : “When I won the medal, I was so happy that I remembered the moments I had practiced while wearing it around my neck.”

Based on his physique, his skills are growing rapidly with calmness without ups and downs, constant practice and concentration.

Last March, he won four gold medals, including first place in the individual all-around, at the Daejeon National Sports Festival in March.

[Soundbite] Gil-su/Saeil Elementary School Archery Instructor : “It’s very focused and strong using long arms. We make the most of those strengths…”] With each shot, the score accumulates

. Student Noeul chose the sense of accomplishment as the most attractive aspect of archery.

I am determined to set a new Olympic record as the youngest to follow the genealogy of senior athletes who conquered the world stage.

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