Asiana plane with emergency door torn off, repair bill estimated at least 640 million won

An interim investigation into an accident in which the emergency메이저놀이터 door of an airliner landing at Daegu International Airport was forced open by a passenger will cost more than 600 million won to repair, according to a report.

According to the report, “Interim Investigation Results of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport on the Illegal Opening of the Emergency Exit Door of Asiana Airlines,” obtained by the office of Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker Jang Chul-min, a member of the National Assembly’s Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Committee, on Monday, the cost of repairing the A321-200 involved in the accident is estimated to be about 640 million won.

Asiana Airlines Flight OZ8124, which was traveling from Jeju to Daegu on the 26th, landed with the emergency exit door open at about 213 meters in the air near Daegu Airport due to A turning the emergency exit lever.

In the process, damage was found in three areas, including the emergency door and the escape slide. Temporary repairs were made at Daegu Airport immediately after the incident, and the plane was moved to Incheon on March 30 for repairs.

According to a national investigation, the emergency door of the accident airplane can open when the pressure difference between the inside and outside is low. The seats in question were in close proximity to the emergency exits, allowing for accidental operation while seated, and the A321 in question did not have an emergency exit self-locking feature due to its design.

Meanwhile, apart from MOLIT, Asiana is also estimating its own damages. Asiana plans to make a final decision on whether to file a claim based on the progress of the investigation.

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