Barcelona living legend… Refusal to renew the contract → End of 18 years of companionship

Barcelona (Spain) midfielder Sergio Busquets (34)바카라사이트 ends his companionship after 18 years. He was originally expected to play until next year while extending his contract for another year, but it is reported that he eventually rejected his contract renewal and decided to leave.

Multiple media outlets such as Spain’s ‘Lelebo’, ‘Marca’ and ‘Football España’ said on the 10th (Korean time), “Busquets will leave this summer, refusing to renew the contract with Barcelona.” down,” they said in unison.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert in the European football transfer market, said on the same day, “Busquets is expected to leave as a free agent (FA) this summer.” We are preparing for a new challenge.”

Busquets is a ‘sacred goal’ who made his professional debut in 2008 after joining the Barcelona youth team in 2005. He has been consistently active as a key member so far, scoring 18 goals and 45 assists in 719 games in his career. During this period, he led the ‘golden era’ by lifting numerous championships, including 8 Primera Liga championships and 3 European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) championships.

Busquets has been thinking about his future as his contract expires on June 30. However, President Juan Laporta (60, Spain) said, “He is a very important player. I will propose a renewal.” Director Xavi Hernandez (43, Spain) also wanted to stay with him, and the atmosphere flowed. He seemed to naturally extend the one-year contract. However, he decided to part ways rather than renew the contract.

‘Marca’ said, “Busquets thought about leaving the team for a long time. This decision simply would not have been taken lightly.” Because it is powerful, I decided that now is a good time to leave.”

Until recently, Busquets received a ‘love call’ from Inter Miami (USA), owned by David Beckham (47, England), and Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia), who offered a huge salary. Attention is focusing on where his next destination will be after 18 years of companionship with Barcelona.

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