Bomin Shin wins 2nd KLPGA Dream Tour… First championship in 3 years 

Shin Bo-min (28) has achieved two wins in the Dream Tour (second division) of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA).

On the Busan (OUT)온라인카지노 and Namwon (IN) courses (par 72, 6400 yards) at Gunsan Country Club in Jeollabuk-do, the second round of the 2023 KLPGA MC Square-Gunsan CC Dream Tour was held on the 13th and 14th with a total prize money of 70 million won.

Shin Bo-min won the championship prize money of 10.5 million won with a final total of 10 under par 134 strokes (65-69). It is the first time since the first round of KBC Dream Tour with WEST OCEAN CC in July 2020 that it has reached the top of the KLPGA 2nd division.

Shin Bo-min, who took the lead with 7 under par 65 strokes, blocked 2 bogeys in the first round, cut out 7 birdies and 1 eagle, and picked 2 bogeys and 5 birdies in the final round, putting his name at the top of the leaderboard.

Shin Bo-min said, “I feel good and happy. There was a difficult time because my shot wasn’t good, but I think I overcame it and proved myself, and I feel like I’ve been rewarded, so I’m really happy. He said, “I sincerely thank the sponsors and the association for holding the tournament for the players.”

Shin Bo-min, who joined the KLPGA in 2012, secured seed rights for the 2021 regular tour (first division) by placing 13th in prize money for the 2020 Dream Tour season. However, he had to come back down to the Dream Tour as he won only 3 tournaments in the regular tour in 25 appearances.

Shin Bo-min intensified his winter training when he failed to show much success in the 2022 season. Through this, the result of restoring his confidence led to this dream tour victory.

Looking back, “I went to New Zealand for eight weeks of winter training,” Shin Bo-min said, “After rounding in the morning, I ate lunch and practiced in the afternoon. After dinner, he did strength training or practiced again. He seems to have digested the most intense schedule of my golf life,” he explained.

Shin Bo-min said, “The iron shot was a problem, but it has been stabilizing little by little since October of last year. He analyzed, “In winter training, he practiced a lot mainly on shots, especially practicing low shots the most, and I think that part fits well.”

Shin Bo-min, who said, “The iron shot was the most effective in this tournament, perhaps because of the results of training,” said Shin Bo-min. In fact, I missed almost no chances in the first round, but in the final round, I almost got shaken by missing a few, but I kept my composure.”

Shin Bo-min said, “If you win 2 matches on the Dream Tour, there is a privilege to participate in one regular tour event. I wanted to see how good my shot, which I feel good at the moment, would be on the regular tour, so I set my primary goal to be 2 wins. So far, there have been ups and downs in each tournament, but the ultimate goal is to finish the tournament in the top ranks until the end. If you do it consistently, securing seed rights by entering the top 20 in the prize money rankings or titles such as the prize money king will follow,” he also revealed his aspirations for the 2023 season.

The final round of this tournament, co-hosted by MC Square and Gunsan Country Club and supervised by the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Tour (KLPGT), will be recorded and broadcast from 7:00 pm on the 26th through SBS Golf, the host broadcasting company.

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