‘Captain’ Jeon In-ji, who did not lose her smile despite Korea’s shocking 2-game losing streak, “I will write a drama with a dramatic twist”

“The beauty of golf is writing a drama.”

It’s a disappointing result. Korea gave up both matches to Australia on the first day of the Hanwha Life Plus International Crown (total prize money of 2 million dollars)메이저놀이터, a national women’s golf competition.

On the 5th (Korean time), Korea Jin-young Ko, Hyo-joo Kim, and In-ji Jeon-Hye-jin Choi paired up to play in the four-ball game on the first day of the tournament held at TPC Harding Park (par 72) in San Francisco, California, USA. She lost to Stephanie Kiriacou and recorded two losses.

Jeon In-ji and Choi Hye-jin played Min-ji Lee and Kiria-ku until the last hole and lost by two holes. After giving away the first three holes, Jeon In-ji and Choi Hye-jin caught up with a birdie side by side on the 12th hole (par 4), and Choi Hye-jin won the 13th and 14th holes in succession to balance the game. However, in the 15th hole (par 4), Lee Min-ji’s birdie led Australia again, and took the 18th hole (par 5) as well.

Captain’ Jeon In-ji said, “I think it’s more important to accept it than regret it because it’s already over. You lose on the first day, but if you do well the next day and the next day, drama will be written, and I think that’s the beauty of golf. Our players will do their best without giving up until the end.” Choi Hye-jin said, “I think I was very nervous at first because it’s been a while since I played as a member of the national team. Even though I had a few chances in the beginning, I missed the most in today’s game. Also, there were better opportunities in the second half, but it’s unfortunate that I missed them.” She told me that her sister made all the saves, so she tried to hit more aggressively,” she revealed the reason for the promotion.

Ko Jin-young and Kim Hyo-joo lost by two holes to the 17th hole in the match against Green-Kemp. It’s like you can’t use your power properly. Ko Jin-young said, “(Kim) Hyo-joo was in bad shape today because she got sick yesterday evening, but she led me well in the second half. Even so, I feel regretful and angry because I couldn’t win points due to poor play.” Then Kim Hyo-joo said, “Australian players are in very good condition. It’s a pity that I’m not feeling very well today. Jinyoung and I decided not to be sorry for each other before the game, so I’m not sorry (laughs). Tomorrow, both teams will win and bring a lot of points.”

The International Crown, a women’s national golf competition founded in 2014, resumed after 5 years since the 3rd tournament held in Incheon in 2018. In the 2014 and 2016 competitions held in the United States, Spain and the United States won respectively, and in 2018, the host country, Korea, took the top spot.

Korea, the United States, Japan, Sweden, England, Thailand, Australia and China will participate in this year’s tournament and are divided into Groups A and B to play the group stage. Korea entered Group B of the group stage with Japan, Thailand and Australia, and the United States, Sweden, England and China compete in Group A. In four-ball, a group stage method, one team in a group of two plays with their own ball, and the better performance is the team score.

Thailand advanced to the top of the group with two wins over Japan. Korea is aiming for a come-from-behind drama in the matches against Thailand on the 6th and Japan on the 7th. 

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