If I lay Nuriho down, I can’t expect to challenge again… 40 people worked overnight to find and fix the error

It’s the 24th, the third launch of Nuri. The final pre-launch procedures were in full swing. At 3 p.m., three hours and 24 minutes before launch, something went wrong. A communication error was detected between the launch control computer and... Read more

A devastated Guam seen from satellite…”Surviving day to day, it’s hard”

Learn about Guam, the Pacific island where more than스포츠토토 3,000 South Korean tourists are stranded. You only have to look at this satellite image to see how badly the typhoon has scarred Guam. With no idea when they will be... Read more

‘You said you’ve never driven a foreign car’… Jomin, what car did you drive on YouTube?

Ms. Cho Min, the daughter of South Korea’s former justice minister, is drawing attention to the vehicle she rides in the first video she released on YouTube on March 23. The video, titled “My first step into the world of... Read more

If you have “this symptom”… it’s a “stop working out now” sign

Exercise is the key to controlling blood sugar. Regular exercise improves insulin resistance and stabilizes blood sugar. However, there are times when exercising can be dangerous. Blood sugar spikes after exercise?If you start exercising and your blood sugar spikes 50... Read more

Doctors perform emergency surgery on patient with ‘crampy diarrhea’…what they find in his stomach is shocking.

When you chew gum, you may unintentionally swallow it. Although it is believed that chewing gum is usually eliminated through the digestive system when swallowed, dangerous accidents often occur. On the 27th (local time), according to foreign media such as... Read more

“Taking a sick leave and listening to the curtain call” ‥ ‘Self-appreciation’ for the current police behavior

This is the content of SBS Radio’s “Dooshie Escape먹튀검증 Cult Two Show” recorded on May 25 and broadcast on May 26. SBS Radio’s ‘Cult to Show’ (May 26)[Host] “He said that today is his company’s physical examination day, and he... Read more

“I’m 59 pounds”…airline doesn’t believe me, puts me on passenger scale

A foreign airline made a female passenger step onto a baggage scale to check her weight. Recently, a video went viral on social media that was filmed in March at an airport in the United States. In the video, a... Read more

25 drones in the air…”largest since the Nazis” attack on Moscow

A series of simultaneous unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) attacks hit the Russian capital of Moscow on Tuesday, destroying several buildings and injuring several people. Russia blamed Ukraine for the attacks, which promised a “great counterattack”. Ukraine has not responded. Police... Read more

The movie “Human Poisoning” is real…The Major who had sex with the Captain’s wife

A court has ruled that it was lawful to discipline a naval officer for having an affair with a subordinate’s wife. The officer argued that the discipline was unfair as the behavior was not related to the performance of his... Read more

Identity of the red-pants passenger next to me who subdued the ‘scary landing’ perpetrator

A passenger seated next to the man who forced open an emergency door before landing on an Asiana flight has been identified as playing a key role in the subduing process. He was the so-called “Mr. Red Pants,” who appeared... Read more