Cha Woo-chan “I couldn’t do it anymore. Retired from injury? There is no effect from the Tokyo Olympics”

Cha Woo-chan (36), who won 112 individual victories, said while taking off his uniform, “People around me have asked me a lot. There is no big connection between attending the Tokyo Olympics and retiring from injury.”

On the 17th,메이저사이트 Cha Woo-chan announced his retirement through the Lotte Giants club. He looks like he could throw better at his age, but injuries have been holding him back. He has been through his rehab for the past 3 years. 

After becoming a pro, Cha Woo-chan played an active role as an all-weather pitcher for his team and national team. Durability was a big plus. He was responsible for 839 and 1/3 innings, the third most by a domestic pitcher from 2015 to 2019. Then, after the end of the first half of 2020, he was out for the season due to shoulder pain. It was the first time he faced a serious injury, having never had a major injury or surgery before.

Cha Woo-chan returned in early June 2021, earlier than expected. He gave up only two runs in 16 total innings in his first three appearances. Even Cha Woo-chan himself was surprised, saying, “It’s a miracle.” In the case of a supraspinatus tear in the left shoulder, surgery is common, but Cha Woo-chan chose rehabilitation treatment. At the time, he explained, “If I had surgery at my age, I would have to take three years to rehabilitate and return.” The fact that he returned after a year after suffering a fatal injury was surprising.

When Cha Woo-chan returned in 2021, then national team coach Kim Kyung-moon selected him for the Tokyo Olympics baseball team. Cha Woo-chan took the mound in four Olympic baseball games and recorded two scoreless innings.

However, after the Olympics, the pain recurred, and Cha Woo-chan ended up on the operating table. Then he never stood on the first-team mound again. Eventually, after the end of 2022, it was released from LG. Last winter, he signed a contract with Lotte for an annual salary of 50 million won, but in early June of this year, there is no record of pitching after pitching 1 inning in the Futures (2nd division) league. Cha Woo-chan said, “I trained hard for rehabilitation, but after throwing the ball, the recovery period did not decrease. I tried to do more, but the pain did not decrease quickly, so I had no choice but to announce retirement.” 

When asked about the aftereffects of the Tokyo Olympics, he said, “It doesn’t matter at all. In fact, the condition of my shoulder continued to be bad. It was just the difference in how long I could endure it.” explained. He added, “I am very sorry to think that I went to the Olympics and got hurt. But that is not the case at all.” 

I have no regrets or regrets about participating in the Olympics. Cha Woo-chan, who has been to the national team several times, such as the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Asian Games, and Premier 12, has always responded to the call of the national team.Cha Woo-chan, who joined the Samsung Lions in the 2nd round of the 2nd round in 2006 and was nominated in the 7th place, recorded a personal career of 112 wins, 79 losses, 32 holds, and an ERA of 4.51. He cited winning the 2011 Korean Series as his most memorable moment. Cha Woo-chan recalled, “At the time, I pitched in one game each as a starter and middle pitcher in the Korean Series. I was really happy to win my first championship while playing baseball. Since then, Samsung has won the Korean Series for 4 consecutive years and the regular season for 5 consecutive years.” . Cha Woo-chan said, “It’s unfortunate that I put the baseball down, but I’m sick, so there’s nothing more I can do. The Lotte club took a lot of care and created a good environment for me, so I was able to rehabilitate without regret. I’m really grateful to Seong Min-kyu, general manager of Lotte, and the coaching staff.” did. “It’s unfortunate that I quit after not throwing the last three years properly. All three clubs (Samsung, LG, Lotte) have fans who love baseball and support them enthusiastically, so I’m ending my career as a player happily,” he said. 

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