China apartment complex ‘collapses’…over 3,800 residents evacuated in the middle of the night

An apartment complex in China has been evacuated in the middle of the night after the ground gave way and the building tilted, forcing thousands of residents to flee. The apartments were immediately sealed off, but the residents, suddenly without a place to live, are left scrambling to their feet메이저사이트.

Correspondent Park Sung-hoon reports from Beijing.


As if an earthquake had struck, the apartment garden cracked open.

The ground that supported the apartment had visibly settled.

The surrounding roads were crumpled like paper, and the exterior walls of the apartment began to crack.

The underground parking garage had cracks all over it and looked like it was about to collapse.

The ground subsidence began in a 25-story apartment complex in Tianjin, China, on January 1, forcing the emergency evacuation of more than 3800 residents in the middle of the night.

[Apartment resident: At 2 a.m., there was a sudden knock on the door and they told us to get out].

The next day, the apartments are sealed off, and residents even use ropes to get their belongings out.

Residents are devastated to have lost their homes overnight.

[Resident: The apartment passed the safety inspection, so how can our lives and property be guaranteed?]

However, the authorities are only asking them to wait until the exact cause is determined.

One theory is that a nearby company is drilling holes in the ground for geothermal power, and that may have caused the power to go out.

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