Chung Jung Jung Eats well, sleeps well…”I’m scared” Taxi driver is traumatized

Mr. A, a taxi driver who made a decisive contribution to메이저사이트 the arrest of Jung Jeong-jeong, 23, who murdered a woman in her 20s whom she met through an online tutoring app and dumped her body, is complaining of trauma.

The Geumjeong Police Station in Busan announced on the 8th that it has decided not to hold a commendation ceremony for Mr. A. The reason is that he has been suffering from trauma since the incident.

Mr. A is the driver of the taxi that Jung Yoo-jeong took on the afternoon of March 26 when she went to dispose of the body by the Nakdong River with a suitcase containing the victim’s body after killing him.

Mr. A reportedly took Jung’s suitcase out of the taxi. He reportedly became suspicious that a woman was carrying the suitcase alone into the woods in the middle of the night, and that she had blood on her hands, so he immediately called the police. Thanks to his report, the police made an emergency arrest of Jung, and together they were able to uncover the entire crime.

Considering that Jung had been preparing for the crime for three months beforehand, it is not impossible that a serial killing spree would have occurred without Mr. A’s report.

Unlike the traumatized Mr. A, Jung was reportedly well fed and slept well in detention.

Online communities have been filled with recollections from people who were classmates of Jung’s in school. A, a high school classmate, said, “Even then, she was really bad at getting along with people and was weird,” explaining, “I honestly thought she was slow, silent, blank, and not very social.”

Mr. B, a high school classmate, said, “I was the one who didn’t really talk, went alone, and had no presence in the class. Even when I said hello to her, she didn’t return my greeting, and she didn’t talk much and didn’t answer me very well.”

Jung’s cell phone, which was confiscated by police, reportedly contained few friend contacts. In addition, Jung Jeong-jeong’s murderous behavior, in which she said she “wanted to kill,” was typical of a psychopath. In the police investigation, Jung’s psychopathy score was in the 28 range, higher than that of serial killer Kang Ho-Soon (27).

Psychopaths are called antisocial personality disorder because they are unable to empathize with social norms and easily disregard and violate the rights of others for their own gain. They are known to have difficulty feeling fear, guilt, sadness, and anger in certain situations, unlike normal people.

In fact, in the closed-circuit (CC) TV footage of Jeong walking down the sidewalk carrying a carrier for the victim’s body, he walked like an excited traveler. Before being sent to the prosecution, he told reporters, “I’m really sorry to the victims’ families. I think I was out of my mind.” This is in stark contrast to his response to the interviewer before his sentencing.

After killing Ms. A, a woman in her 20s, at her home in Geumjeong-gu, Busan, on the 26th of last month, Jung Yoo-jeong (23) went to her own home, packed her suitcase and headed back to the victim’s home. Image=KBS News broadcast screen capture

The Busan District Prosecutors’ Office has organized a dedicated investigation team of three prosecutors’ offices under Deputy Chief Prosecutor Song Young-in since the case was transferred to them on Feb. 2. The prosecutors plan to conduct the investigation until the 11th of this month, when Jung’s detention deadline ends, and extend the detention deadline once more if necessary.

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