Commentator “It is said that Korean soccer has changed with Bento, but it is not that level”

Football commentator Kim Hyung-beom made a remark to the effect that ‘a domestic coach would have done this much’ about coach Paulo Bento, who led the Korean national football team to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, causing controversy among football fans.

Commissioner Kim appeared on YouTube’s ‘Channel Success’ on the 14th and commented on Bento’s World Cup performance while analyzing the semifinal match between Argentina and Croatia. 메이저사이트

Commissioner Kim said, “It is a dangerous story, but (the positive reaction to coach Bento) is a phenomenon that occurs because coach Bento achieved this score.” There were a lot of fans who were waiting for it,” he claimed.

He continued, “I admit those who believed in and supported Bento as a human being. But there are too many people who did not. So (I think) I have a strong pot temperament.”

He said, “I often use the expression ‘the best ever’ for the composition of Qatar World Cup players in Korea. When I looked at the Bentu level and the domestic coach level, I think (whoever the manager) would have played this level of football.”

Commissioner Kim said, “It is true that Bento has achieved achievements now. However, it is said that Korean football has changed by completely changing the ‘build-up’ by changing a huge thing in Korean football, but I don’t think it’s that level.”

Commissioner Kim said, “I acknowledge (Director Bento’s) credit. It is not my intention to disparage.” added.

Some football fans who saw this reacted negatively.

One netizen said, “After Bento took over the team, it became a team that fights with an equal share of the opposing team. It should be highly evaluated.” Another netizen also criticized, saying, “It seems like an act of jealousy over the performance of a foreign director, not a domestic one, and trying to cut it down.”

Currently, the part of Commissioner Kim’s remarks has been edited and deleted from the video.

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