Commentator Oh Jae-won resigns from SPOTV himself

Commentator Oh Jae-won is leaving SPOTV.

On the 26th, commentator Oh Jae-won announced on his social media, “I thought it would be a burden to SPOTV any longer, so I directly requested termination of the contract, and it was decided.”

This made Oh Jae-won step down from the position of former commentator in the middle of the season and walk on his third path.바카라사이트

Commissioner Oh continued on social media, “Now I feel like I’m in a situation where I can talk about all the behind-the-scenes things, so for me, everything is a restart.” Even those who sent malicious comments for years or months via DM (private message), please wait a little longer.” 

Previously, Commissioner Oh publicly sniped his senior, Park Chan-ho, saying, “I hate the Korean Express,” and then became a subjective comment that seemed to have lost objectivity despite various commentary. In particular, he was at the center of controversy for making inappropriate words and actions, such as determining Yang Chang-seop’s body ball as a bean ball in the three-game match against SSG and Samsung last weekend, and hoping for SSG’s sweep in the game on the 25th. A day after the controversy erupted, he announced his intention to quit on SPOTV.

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