Defeating Samsung for ‘dream job’, choosing a fitness trainer in his 20s

It is not easy to quit a decent job and become successful as a freelancer. The world of self-employment I met after quitting a frustrating company was like a jungle. Among them, the gaze toward the fitness trainer was relentless. Most of the perception was that he was simply a person who counted numbers. A young man took up a challenge to break that prejudice. Meticulous member management as well as detailed feedback on the exercise. The focus was on letting people know the attractiveness of the body rather than starving themselves on a diet. Then, among women who did not exercise, word of mouth spread as a ‘Body Profile 1st Instructor’. Now, he has launched a PT shop with his own name and a clothing brand specializing in barf. This is the story of Jeong Seo-jin (32), who is active on the exercise platform ‘Quat’.

Q. _ Please introduce yourself first. “I am Jung Seo-jin (32) who works as a fitness instructor at ‘Quat’. I am a
female PT shop representative and trainer. I’m also doing a lot. I’m busy running a professional clothing brand (laughs).”

Q . How did she get into fitness?
“I worked as a designer at Samsung Electronics in my 20s. After getting the job, the work was hard and my stamina was very low. I often got sick and went to the hospital. At the time, my contemporaries called me ‘a walking general hospital’. I had never exercised before. After thinking about what to do, I started mountain climbing △Snowboard △Wakeboard △Climbing △Ballet △Jazz Dance △Free Diving △Scuba Diving △Kayak △Paddleboard △Running △Bowling △Swimming △Pilates △Yoga △pole dancing I fell in love with the charm of sweating to the extent that there was no exercise I hadn’t tried before. I wanted to do it more professionally while even adjusting my diet to take care of my body naturally. That’s how I got my instructor’s license and resigned from the company in 2015.”

Q. _ You worked as a fitness trainer.
“At first, I worked as a freelance instructor. While working, there were many female members in Pilates and Yoga, but relatively few in weight. I wanted to create a space where women could exercise comfortably. My goal was not to lose weight by eating less, but to make people feel the joy of exercising. I wanted to make people love themselves so that they could find their individual beauty rather than conforming to the uniform image of beauty presented by the media. PT Shop Just like the name suggests, I wanted to make it possible to ‘knock’ out my hidden charm.”

A quat lecture being filmed.

Q. _ You said you wanted to break the trainer’s perception.
“There was a big perception that I was a person who simply counted numbers. I think that communication with members as well as self-development is important for coaches. I wrote an exercise log for each lesson, leaving the name of the exercise I did, the number of weights I did, and feedback. Joe. Then, it’s more effective when you do individual exercise. Instead of just doing the exercise by ordering it, I increased the exercise effect by telling you why you do this kind of motion, where the stimulation comes from, and how it works.”

Q. _ What is your usual routine like?
“It’s been two years since I’ve been running a women-only PT shop. I go to work at 7:00 am and leave at 11:00 pm. In the afternoon, when there are no classes, I spend my personal time. I exercise or work. Monday-Saturday, I have lessons. We conduct an average of 150 classes per month. Members’ exercise journals and feedback. On Saturday evenings and Sundays after lessons, we hold seminars or workshops for support or study for members preparing for body profiles or competitions. We currently manage an average of 35 members, with a retention rate of over 90%.”

Q. _ Word of mouth spread as ‘Body Profile 1st Instructor’스포츠토토.
“Until exercise becomes a habit, it is difficult to exercise steadily or go on a diet. I am giving you short-term intermediate goals. I have a goal, and when I achieve it, I gain confidence. I feel pleasure when I see my body change. When that happens, Exercise and diet control also form habits. The body profile is the ‘trigger point’ for that. Work out hard and eat healthy without compulsion. In the process, when the body is built, take a nice and pretty photo to commemorate it. Oh, my God. There is no such thing as a perfect body.”

Q. _ Award winning is gorgeous. “I participated in NABBA, a national fitness competition, in April and won first place in the bikini model tall category. There is nothing like a competition as a short-term goal to exercise steadily. If you complete your goal and do routines every day, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and self- esteem
. Bodybuilding to build a body is endless. Every time I go to a competition, I challenge myself to stand on stage with a grown figure. Nothing in this world goes my way. The only way to build a body is to get results as much as I put in effort.”

The body profile project being pursued by Mr. Jeong Seo-jin.

Q. _ They are called ‘barf masters’.
“I took a body profile in preparation for a bodybuilding competition. It was fun while taking it, so I took it 5-6 times a month after that. It has already exceeded 100 times. It seems to be increasing. Naturally, the nickname of barf master was attached. (Laughs)”

Q . Is there any secret to taking good barf shots?
“It is basic to build a good body, and the important thing is to find a studio that suits you. There are many things to do afterwards, such as △concept △pose study △hair & makeup △costume △tanning △waxing. More important than that is confidence. On the day of filming, I have to control my mind to say I’m going to play princess. (Laughs)”

Q . Do you have any fitness center tips?
“△ First, you need to understand your needs. The trainer’s mission is to think about what people who come to me want and help them achieve it. △Second, you have to keep in mind that
this job is a service business. A trainer is a service business. There are many people who don’t know about this. There is a reason why new members keep coming and leaving without fixed members. If the re-registration rate is low, you should doubt your qualifications for the service industry. Not being influenced by your mood, showing a bright and energetic appearance, but being strict must also have
△Lastly, it is an effort to continue studying and growing. I think this is a story that includes all industries, not just the fitness industry. My career and value go up when I continue to grow and develop with expertise in my field.”

Q . What advice would you give to those who dream of a second life
? I’m ready. Rather than blindly resigning, it is a good way to achieve your dream when you are ready and confident. Self-employed people are never ‘free’. There are many times when you work more and make less money. Work-life balance may be better when you are at work. Just because you quit your job doesn’t mean the stress goes away. However, I recommend it to those who want to achieve their dreams, do what they love, and live happily. Before starting a business, consider △fixed expenses, △marketing expenses, △labor costs, and take a realistic look before taking on the challenge. Variables such as corona or recession must also be considered. Because the world is not easy (laughs).”
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