Despite dramatic draw, Hong Myung-Bo says, “It was the worst first half…We got a point, but it doesn’t mean much”

“The first half was absolutely terrible.”

Ulsan Hyundai and Daejeon Hana Citizen drew 3-3 in the 15th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Munsoo World Cup Stadium in Ulsan at 7 p.m. on April 28메이저놀이터. Ulsan remained in first place, while Daejeon remained in fifth. There were 17,251 spectators at the stadium.

Ulsan took the lead through an own goal by Kim Min-duk. The team faltered after Kim was injured, giving up a goal to Leandro and two to Masa. After finishing the first half 1-3, Ulsan went on a total offensive, adding Lee Chung-yong and Martin Adam to their attacking numbers. Inhabigyu scored a goal in the 32nd minute of the second half.

Lee Min-kyu rattled the net once again. He scored a theater goal in the 45th minute to make it 3-3. They had chances afterward, but couldn’t capitalize. The game ended 3-3.

In the post-match press conference, head coach Hong Myung-bo used a strong tone to call for the team’s efforts. Rather than celebrating the dramatic draw, he looked to find and point out the things that went wrong.

[Head coach Hong Myung-bo’s post-match press conference].

  • Summary.

In the end, we got a point. I’ll talk about it in two parts. The first half was a situation where we could have scored first and controlled the game. Operationally, the first half was the worst. We didn’t seem to recognize how to react when we were missing a player. We conceded a goal, got excited, lost control, and conceded three goals. It was terrible.

The second half was encouraging, but we only got a point. In fact, a draw is meaningless. I’d rather have three wins than 10 draws in a season. One point means something, but not much.

  • What did you say at halftime?

I didn’t say anything special. I gave them confidence that they could score goals. I explained the game plan in detail. He pointed out the lack of crosses.

  • Inhabigyu looked like he might be injured.

He collided with an opponent’s shoulder and got a nosebleed. The nosebleed stopped and he wanted to play.

  • This season, Ulsan doesn’t seem to lose even when they lose.

I don’t want to play that kind of soccer. We can’t concede the first goal. If we score the first goal, we try to score more goals. We don’t want to concede a goal and then try to come back, we want to keep the lead. That’s why we didn’t play well today. A team that concedes a goal is bound to come forward. We have to withstand the time and we didn’t. We improved, but it’s not enough. If we don’t improve in that area, it’s going to be difficult.

  • What is the status of Kim Young-kwon’s injury?

We need to check, but it’s a hamstring. It might take some time. Kim Young-kwon was the leader of the team. When he’s out, other players have to step up. We don’t want to rely on one player, we want each player to play with leadership.

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