“Easy to install and dismantle and affordable”… Samsung, LG target single-person households with window air conditioners

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are targeting single-person households with window air conditioners. Window air conditioners have no outdoor unit and are easy to install and dismantle. They are cheaper than other air conditioners, such as free-standing and wall-mounted, and are increasingly popular among single-person households. As legal regulations make it difficult to install outdoor units on the outside walls of buildings, the spread of window air conditioners is expected to expand.

According to market research firm Tanawa on Tuesday토토사이트, sales of window-type air conditioners in the domestic air conditioner market increased by 23 percent from the same period last year from January 1 to 21. On the other hand, sales of free-standing air conditioners dropped 23% from the same period last year, while sales of wall-mounted air conditioners rose 5%.

With the recent increase in the number of single-person households, window air conditioners are gaining popularity because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install without an outdoor unit. According to Statistics Korea, the number of single-person households as of 2021 was 21.48 million, up more than 5.4% from the previous year (20.34 million). Stand air conditioners, which are mostly used in multi-person households, cost between 1.5 million and 2 million won, while window air conditioners cost between 500,000 and 1 million won.

One of the reasons for the increase in demand for window air conditioners is the tightening of regulations on the installation of outdoor units due to fire and other hazards. In 2019, the Seoul Metropolitan Government released the ‘Measures to Improve the Installation Method of Air Conditioner Outdoor Units’ and banned the installation of outdoor units on the exterior walls of new buildings in Seoul. The reasoning is that heat and noise can cause inconvenience to pedestrians, and sunlight can heat up the outdoor unit and cause a fire. According to the National Fire Information System of the Korea Fire and Rescue Service, there were 1,234 fires caused by air conditioners in July and August over the past five years, mostly due to damaged wires connecting outdoor units.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are targeting the market demand by launching window air conditioners one after another. Last month, Samsung Electronics launched a window air conditioner, the Bispoke Windless Air Conditioner Window Fit. It is a product that combines an indoor unit and an outdoor unit in one, and it is characterized by the fact that it can be easily installed with just a window. It is also equipped with windless cooling, a unique feature of Samsung Electronics’ air conditioners. Another advantage is that it can reduce power consumption by up to 74% compared to conventional air conditioners.

LG Whisen Object Collection Edge in 2023. /Provided by LG Electronics

LG Electronics also launched a window air conditioner, the Whisen Object Collection Edge, last month. It can be installed in small windows with a height of 105 centimeters to large windows with a height of 240 centimeters. Since it does not protrude into the room, it can be used on windows with blinds or curtains. With a dehumidifying effect of up to 34 liters per day, it can be used even during the rainy season. It is equipped with two cylinders that compress refrigerant to improve cooling performance and energy efficiency.

Small and medium-sized companies are also introducing window air conditioners to the market. Cucu Homesys launched a new 2023 window air conditioner this month. It does not require an outdoor unit and can be mounted on the window by the buyer with a simple installation kit. It is equipped with a humidity sensor, so it can reduce the discomfort index of the room by itself. When switched to sleep mode, the sound level can be as low as 32.5 dB (decibels), which is about as quiet as a human whisper.

In March, Paceco launched three new window air conditioners. They are designed to be fixed to the window by hand without tools such as screwdrivers. Artificial intelligence (AI) detects the humidity in the air conditioner body and outside, and adjusts the drying time when the power is turned off. It is equipped with ultra-power-saving cooling technology that can be used with an average electricity bill of 800 won per day even if it is operated for seven to eight hours a day.

“As the number of single-person households that change residences frequently increases, the demand for window air conditioners that are easy to install and dismantle and are highly energy efficient seems to be increasing,” said Lee Eun-hee, professor of consumer studies at Inha University. “We are likely to launch various types of air conditioners that do not require the installation of outdoor units.”

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