Even after winning, the words Djokovic left behind were “Alkaras, you never give up.”

It was a 3-set match and it took 3 hours and 49 minutes.안전놀이터 After the Cincinnati Open final, the conversation between Djokovic and Alkaras contains nearly four hours of struggle. After finishing this match, Djokovic recalled the scene where he defeated Nadal after a bloody battle of 5 hours and 53 minutes in the 2012 Australian Open final.The set score of 2-1 on this day could not capture all of this game. You can tell by looking at the 36-year-old Djokovic winning moments. How many times has he been so excited and liked. Djokovic left the ceremony by tearing off his shirt. That roar showed how hot this match was, how mysterious it was, and why it was so thrilling.Djokovic’s passion and the sobbing of Alkaras, sitting in a chair behind him, crossed each other. It was also the first time Alkaras showed tears after a game. It was a ‘match of life’ for the two players beyond winning or losing.It means that he saw the emergence of a better player than his rivals Federer and Nadal, who led Djokovic’s growth and success. He left rave reviews, calling him “a strange player who combines the familiar traits of Federer and Nadal.” Alkaras analyzed that it was fast, strong, and delicate, so there was no gap. In the final of the Cincinnati Open, where we met again, Alkaras remained the same. He went all the way to champion points in the second set and was sorry he missed out.As much as the great tennis scenes, the tikitaka of Djokovic and Alkaras’ words makes you wait for the next one. Djokovic and Alkaras have a record of 2 wins and 2 losses. What kind of tennis and what kind of words will the two players leave at the upcoming US Open?

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