‘Even if it’s a shame, keep the top’ KCC sent a transfer agreement… Jefferson, 37 points in the first PBA game

The Jeonju KCC basketball team, which expelled Ronde Hollis Jefferson amid the sabotage controversy, received an official letter via email on the afternoon of the 14th. It was a transfer agreement for Jefferson, who signed a contract with Talk & Text (TNT) of the Philippine League (PBA) as soon as he left KCC. 메이저사이트

KCC was able to anticipate Jefferson’s other league contracts to some extent. KCC said, “At first, they said they would take a good rest at a resort and asked for a flight ticket to Bali (Indonesia). Later, I asked to change the destination to Manila (Philippines). At that time, he was able to recognize that he had signed a contract with another place.”

In order for a player to transfer to another league team during the season and play, the consent form of the previous team is required. In order for Jefferson to play in the PBA, the consent of the KCC was required.  

On the 15th, KCC sent a confirmation that it had agreed to the contract between Jefferson and TNT. A KCC official said, “(On the 14th) a transfer agreement came. It’s embarrassing considering the attitude we showed on our team, but since we agreed to terminate the contract and released it anyway, wouldn’t it be a reward to agree to a contract with another team? I reported to the captain and sent a confirmation.”

Thanks to this, Jefferson was able to play in the PBA Governor’s Cup match against Blackwater Elite at the Mall of Asia in Manila on the 15th as scheduled. 

He was eager to score from the beginning of the game, and contributed to the team’s victory (138-116) by making a big success with 37 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists. In the 6:09 seconds before the end of the game, where the team was ahead 124-104, he made an exciting one-handed dunk and announced a splendid debut in the Philippines. It was a completely different look from KCC, where the game was played insincerely.

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