‘Exhibition of 100% skills’ Focused attention on Japanese libero “If you come to Korea, your salary will be doubled! I look forward to living as a professional”

 “Is that player great?”

A comfortable receive, a relaxed body movement메이저놀이터, and a face full of smiles. The gaze outside the court was focused on one place.

V-League men’s Asia Quarter tryout held in Jeju Island. There is a player who was praised by all seven team commanders. Japanese libero Lee is interested in Ryohei (29).

A volleyball official admired, “When it comes to the V-League, it is definitely the top libero. The sense of stability is the best.” The order is only a problem, and it is certain that they will enter the V-League along with Bayarsaihan (25) and Eddy (24), the ‘Mongolian Duo’.

After the practice game on the 26th, Iga, whom I met, expressed satisfaction with his play, saying, “I think I performed 100%.” Both Receive and Digg revealed their inner thoughts that they were confident.

He is currently playing for Panasonic in the Japanese Volleyball League, but he is not a pro, but a player who plays under a ’employee contract’. The $100,000 (approximately 133 million won) given to players in the V-League Asia Quarter has the effect of ‘doubling the annual salary’. He emphasized, “If I am selected for the V-League, I will leave the company and focus on volleyball. If I am selected, I want to play in Korea for a long time.” “Korean volleyball is similar to Japan. I am confident that I will adapt well.” He was an outside hitter until middle school, but said he was no longer tall enough to focus on the libero.

He may have communication weaknesses. Iga emphasized, “There are foreign players on the team now. Everyone talks in English. I plan to continue studying in the future.”

I am also familiar with Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikayinen, who took the baton for three years in the Japanese league. Coach Tilly Kainen asked, “Who is the best libero in Japan and what should I do to surpass him?” In addition to Korean Air, other teams such as Korea Electric Power are also paying attention to him.

“Individual competence is important, but volleyball is team play. Libero is a position that helps other players move well.

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