‘Extreme choice during live broadcast’ BJ Imvely passed away… “Daughters, I’m sorry”

Racing model BJ Imvely (37, real name Lim Ji-hye) died on the 19th at the age of 37토토사이트.

On this day, a message was posted on Lim’s social network service, saying, “I am conveying my obituary because the late Lim Ji-hye has passed away. I hope that you will be greatly sorry for not being able to contact you individually because of your dismay.”

In the attached online obituary of the deceased, memorials such as “I hope you are not sick and suffering there” and “I hope you are happy in heaven” continued.

Earlier, during her live broadcast on the 11th, Lim wrote her suicide note and tried her extreme choices. Responding to her report, the 119 rescue team dispatched to the scene and moved Lim to the hospital, but in the end, she did not regain consciousness.

During the live broadcast at the time, he complained, “It’s hard to hold on any longer.” In the meantime, he wrote a will to his two daughters, saying, “My dear daughters, I am sorry for being an embarrassing mother. I hope you will not feel guilty as you have not done anything wrong. I promise to always be by your side even if I can’t see you.”

Lim, who debuted in the 2005 movie ‘Pasong Song Egg Tak’, worked as a racing model for 10 years from 2006. He took a hiatus from his modeling career in 2014 following his marriage. Since then, after divorce in 2018, Mr. Lim has been running a personal YouTube channel as an internet broadcaster.

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