Fans asked, “Lee Jae-won, will you use it even if it is sluggish?” Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop answered

I wasn’t a player that was in the limelight during my active career, but that’s why I was able to have a new dream earlier. He looked around the baseball team, running back and forth as a frontman and as a coach. He had firm convictions, was bright with numbers, and he had a philosophy and ideals about baseball that he wanted to play.

He was on a winning streak. He led Nexen and became 메이저사이트 one of the most popular leaders in the league, and he went through both general manager and manager in SK. However, in 2020, he suffered a major failure by failing to manage his personal health due to poor grades. The reason Yeom Gyeong-yeop (55), the LG coach, pointed out was simple. He confessed honestly, “I thought too easily. I was conceited that I could do something.”

Coach Yeom, who made a comeback to the KBO League field with the LG baton ahead of this season after serving as the KBO Technical Committee Chairman and broadcasting commentator, said, “After running for more than 20 years, I fell down for a year and took a break for two years. It’s time to look back on myself once again. I always thought I had to be humble, but I think I went through a difficult period because there was pride in a corner of my heart,” he said. ” said

Manager Yeom is leading the team spring camp held in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, reflecting on his original intentions so as not to repeat the failure. Coach Yeom, who spent all season planning and revising the season, is encouraging his players to “have an offensive mound for hitting, defense, pitching, and running.” Fans asked questions to director Yeom through the reporter’s SNS and e-mail. fans asked. Director Yeom Gyeong-yeom replied.

Q) The operation of left-hander Pil Seung-jo’s bullpen will change due to the transfer of Kim Dae-yu as a compensation player. How will it be operated? I am worried that Jin Hae-soo’s number of matches will increase again like the days without Kim Dae-yu.

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop: It seems that Lee Woo-chan and Ham Deok-joo hold the key to the bullpen. There are Lee Jung-yong, Jung Woo-young, and Ko Woo-seok in the victory group. In order to use the winning group well without overdoing it, it is important to have 3-4 players who support you from behind. In fact, as a coach, you have to produce results, so you have no choice but to lean toward the winning group, but only when a second winning group is formed can you go through the full season without overdoing it and prevent the phenomenon of being biased to one side. In the left-handed bullpen, the key is how well Lee Woo-chan and Ham Deok-joo are supported.

Q) Lee Sang-young is discharged from Sangmu, and I wonder how you will use Lee Sang-young in the second half.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop: Lee Sang-young is expected in June and Son Ju-young in July, but both are considered candidates for selection. Beginners who have not played a full season become exhausted at that time. Between June and July is the time to let it rest. At that time, it is important whether Son Joo-young and Lee Sang-young come in and fill the void well. That way, the starters can go without getting tired. The scenario in which Kim Yun-sik falls for the Asian Games should also be considered. It is also the reason why Son Joo-young was brought here. In fact, since it’s rehabilitation, it’s enough to do it in Korea. But he was brought in to rehabilitate in a good environment because he thinks that time is important.

Q) Are there any players who can see the light among the rookies this year?
Q) How do you plan to utilize Kim Bum-seok, who did not come to the 1st team camp?

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop: First of all, there is Park Myeong-geun. Besides his pitch, he has a good mentality. He has the mentality to play the game, but he is very good at the game. Although he is young, he knows how to attack aggressively and he knows how to play against batters. He appreciates that.

Kim Bum-seok was originally going to be brought to the camp, but he reported that he seems to be a little fast in the training part. I think he should take a little more time. When he was in high school, he thought it would be a good idea to rearrange his body because he was a bit overworked. While recovering from an injury, he does some basic training. He needs to build a body that can play baseball in the future. He is a player who needs to play for more than 10 years, not just one year, so he needs time to make the bad parts good, recover and build up his stamina.

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