“Fans now watch games instead of mobile phones” MLB referee positively commented on Pitch Clock

What do the referees think of the pitch clock (pitching time limit) introduced by the major leagues for the 2023 season?

‘The Athletic’ reported an interview with Major League Referee Dan Bellino on the 15th (Korean time). This interview draws attention as it is the first time an active referee has openly expressed his opinion since the introduction of the new rules메이저놀이터.

In the interview, Bellino praised the new rules so far, saying they were “very positive.” “If you look at the stadium, you can see that the fans are no longer looking at their phones. Fans are now watching the game because there is no time to stop,” he said.

He also introduced the reaction of the players, saying that not all players agree with the new rules, but the majority of players are responding to them.

He explains that young players who have already experienced the rules in the minor leagues are accustomed to it, and veterans who are unfamiliar with the new rules are also happy with it.

The biggest positive effect of the new regulation is that the game time itself is shortened. As the average time was shortened by nearly 30 minutes, the players’ physical strength consumption was reduced that much, and the rest and recovery time increased.

“Some people might think it’s not such a big deal,” he said. But there will be benefits in terms of mental and physical health to play the season and go through your career. 30 minutes less squatting and 30 minutes less standing behind home plate. We are standing, not sitting, throughout the game.”

He also introduced unexpected changes. “There has been a marked reduction in conversation between the catcher, hitter, and umpire at the plate,” he explained. The batter, catcher, and umpire all know that they are pressed for time, so there is no time for conversation.

He also mentioned the unexpected situation. He explained that it is necessary to respond according to common sense when an unexpected situation occurs, such as pigeons entering the field, a runner’s belt breaking while sliding, or a player losing contact lenses.

He also talked about the difficulties of being a referee. He said, “Just judging strikes and balls is mentally exhausting. Now, we have to check not only the ball, but also the pitcher’s pitching motion, and we have to check whether the batter is on time and whether the pitch clock is working properly.

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