‘Finally coming back’ Go Woo-seok, 1 inning perfect… Final check on the return of the 1st team

 LG Twins pitcher Woo-seok Koh made an inspection to return to the first team with a scoreless pitching in the Futures League메이저놀이터.

Go Woo-seok took the mound in the first leg of the double header (7 innings) against the KIA 2nd team in the Futures League held at Hampyeong Stadium on the 15th. He took the mound in the sixth inning with a 7-3 lead, throwing 14 pitches, showing perfect pitching with no hits and no runs allowed.  

Shin Bum-soo, the first batter, was treated as a floating ball by the shortstop on the 4th pitch with 2 balls and 1 strike. Then, Kim Yong-wan struck out on a swing with 2 balls and 2 strikes. Han Seung-yeon finished the inning with an outcar antwo with a ground ball to the second baseman in an advantageous count of 1 ball and 2 strikes.

Following Go Woo-seok, Seong Dong-hyun took the mound in the 7th inning, and LG won 7-4. 

Ko Woo-seok suffered a shoulder injury during the official evaluation match while participating as a member of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team in March. He did not start a single match in the WBC tournament, and after returning home, a detailed examination revealed inflammation of the supraspinatus muscle, one of the rotator cuff muscles in his right shoulder. 

After rest and rehabilitation in his rehabilitation group, he made his first appearance in the Futures League on the 11th. He appeared as a starting pitcher in the second team game against KT on the 11th and recorded 1 hit, 1 walk and 1 run in 1 inning. He recorded a maximum speed of 152 km. 

Manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop originally planned to call Woo-seok Ko to the first team in time for the weekend against Doosan, where he had to pitch in the Futures League on the 12th and 14th for a final check.

However, as the Futures League matches were canceled one after another due to fine dust, Ko Woo-seok’s return to the first team was delayed. Regarding the timing of Go Woo-seok’s return, Yeom said, “We are planning to register for the first team on the 18th.”

While Go Woo-seok is out due to injury, Lee Jung-yong is in charge of finishing LG. However, Lee Jeong-yong is recording an average ERA of 6.35 with 2 wins in 6 games. He pitched three times in save opportunities, all three of which failed to save.

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