‘Forced kiss’ with female player → Spanish Football Association president resigns “It was definitely my mistake, it was spontaneous”

Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has decided to resign.

British media ‘Daily Star’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), “It is known that President Rubiales, who stood at the center of controversy for kissing a Spanish player after the Women’s World Cup game, is planning to resign.”

The Spain women’s team won the 2023 Women’s World Cup. It was a thrilling victory. It was the first World Cup victory for Spain’s women’s team and the first in 13 years since Spain’s men’s team won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. But something unpleasant happened.안전놀이터

The incident occurred during the awards ceremony held after the finals. The Spanish team, which reached the top at the World Cup, stepped onto the podium one after another. President Rubiales hugged Hermoso. He then held his face with both hands and kissed her. It was unimaginable. Afterwards, Hermoso expressed his feelings at the time, saying, “I didn’t feel good” through SNS live in the locker room.

The media criticized President Rubiales. Physical contact without the other person’s consent is definitely sexual harassment. Chairman Rubiales was squeamish. He revealed on the radio of the Spanish media ‘Marca’, “Kissing with Hermoso? Everyone says stupid things.” Hermoso also wrapped up Rubiales, saying, “It was an expression of intimacy. There was great joy from winning the World Cup and it was a natural movement. There is no problem with the relationship with the president.” However, the criticism towards President Rubiales did not stop.

He even went out to say hello to Spain. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said: “What we saw was unacceptable behavior. An apology from the FA president is not enough. I don’t think it’s appropriate either. The Spanish players did everything they could to win the title. It shows that we still have a long way to go.”

President Rubiales also personally conveyed his apology. Rubiales said: “It was a normal and natural action. Certainly I made a mistake. It happened spontaneously, with no malice, out of momentary emotion. I repeat. There was no malice on either side. I have to apologize because there are people who have been hurt. Women’s football “It’s the biggest success in history and Spain’s second win, and I’m sad that this has affected it.” The situation did not improve despite the apology of President Rubiales.

Moved to FIFA. “The Disciplinary Commission notified President Rubiales of initiating disciplinary proceedings for an incident that occurred. It was a basic rule of decency and harm to sport,” explained FIFA. Eventually, it led to the resignation of President Rubiales. ‘Marka’ said, “On the 25th, the resignation of President Rubiales will be announced. There is no official announcement yet.”

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