France’s ‘top legend’ tells Messi to “leave France”… why?

 One of the greatest legends of the French national team, Thierry Henry, advised Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain, PSG) to “leave France.” why did you say this

Henry is a French legend and one of the greatest goalscorers in French history. He appeared in 123 A matches, ranking third all-time, and ranked second all-time in scoring with 51 goals. He is truly a French legend, having won the 1998 World Cup in France메이저놀이터.

In addition, Henry was called the king of Arsenal in the English Premier League, and reigned as a star in Barcelona, ​​​​leading the championship of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). Henry had a friendship with Messi while he was in Barcelona.

PSG lost 0-1 in the match against Olympique Lyonnais in the 29th round of the French Ligue 1 in the 2022-23 season at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France on the 3rd. Messi started, but could not prevent the team from losing.

In this match, Messi was booed by PSG fans. It was to take out the anger of PSG defeat on Messi. Recently, Messi has been booed by PSG fans for winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by defeating France, and for the possibility of leaving PSG at the end of this season.

After watching the situation, Henry said after the Lyon match, “I want Messi to leave PSG and return to Barcelona.”

Henri continued, “When you see Messi’s achievements and the way he loves football, Messi must return to Barcelona. In fact, Messi should not have left Barcelona, ​​but he did. When Messi said goodbye to Barcelona, ​​that scene, tears. It was really difficult to see Messi bleed.”

Finally, Henry said: “Honestly, I was happy when Messi decided to come to France. But now I think it would be good for Messi to return to Spain. I don’t have any information about Messi’s move. This is my wish. Information It’s not my wish,” he confessed.

Meanwhile, Messi’s contract with PSG ends this season. Discussions on renewing the contract between Messi and PSG are sluggish, and the recent rumor of Messi returning to Barcelona is gaining momentum.

Messi is Barcelona itself. Messi scored 672 goals in 778 appearances in 17 seasons at Barcelona from 2004 to 2021. It is the number 1 player in Barcelona’s history and the number 1 goal scorer. He is the greatest legend in Barcelona history, having collected a total of 34 championship trophies, including 10 Spanish Primera Liga titles and 4 UCL titles.

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