From foreigners who shed tears in praise to foreigners who bought food… ‘Various’ Gwangju

Gwangju FC, which is challenging K-League 1, is smiling at the passion of foreign players.

Last season, Gwangju showed an overwhelming appearance. From the beginning of the season, he took the lead and came out with a solo system. Gwangju, which continued its momentum until the end, confirmed the K-League 2 championship and promotion early. The difference between Daejeon Hana Citizen and second place was 12 points.

Even before the K-League 1 stage, he was not intimidated. Director Lee Jeong-hyo declared, “I am determined to show the color of Gwangju,” and “we will push our color as it is.” Captain Ahn Young-kyu also predicted a blast, saying, “I don’t think about soccer for staying,” and “We are a team looking at high places.”먹튀검증

There was a reason for the high words. Gwangju won 1-0 in the opening game of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 against Suwon Samsung on the 25th of last month. Shortly before the end of the game, substitute Asani scored the winning goal with his left foot.

An official from Gwangju told an anecdote from the training ground, saying, “Asani’s left foot is amazing.” “Actually, Asani is very popular in Albania,” he explained, “to the extent that he recognizes it when he goes outside.” He said, “Here, I was scolded by the coach,” and “as a result, I answered with a goal.”

He also gave a thumbs up to the attitude of other foreign players. He recalled, “Thomas, who used to say he was long, shed tears from frustration and resentment,” and “I went to the coach and asked how he could play better.” Then he laughed, saying, “Later, the director praised me for improving a lot, so this time I shed tears of emotion.”

Aaron and Sandro, who had been together since last year, said it was unnecessary to say anything. An official from Gwangju said, “Everyone is nice,” and added, “Aaron is good at playing jokes and taking good care of young players.” In particular, vice-captain Sandro takes care of his team members more carefully. Sandro, who joined midway through last season, also struggled to adapt. He wants to help more because he knows when times are tough.

An official from Gwangju said, “Sandro has adapted to his faith, so he takes good care of the young players.” He also leads foreign players well,” he raised his thumb.

Gwangju, who won the opening game, will play the home opening game on the 5th. The opponent is FC Seoul, which has painful memories. Gwangju suffered a 3-4 defeat in Seoul in October 2021. After leading 3-0, they conceded 4 goals.

An official from Gwangju said, “I have a desire to catch the opponent with bad memories,” but “I think it is more important to see it as another game rather than being conscious of the opponent. I gained the confidence that I can do it through the last game.”

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