From transfer to surgery… ‘Shortstop missing’ Boston baseball butterfly effect, Kim Ha-seong summoned

A single flap of wings from Boston in the eastern part of the United States is also affecting San Diego in the western part of the United States. Kim Ha-seong continues to be summoned among them. 

Boston had two all-star shortstops until last year. Franchise star Xander Bogarts was holding on, and Trevor Story, who was acquired for 6 years and 140 million dollars in the free agent (FA) market last year, was in charge of the weight of the infield. Bogarts was the built-in shortstop, and Story coexisted as a second baseman rather than a shortstop. 

However, Boston lost Bogatz, who obtained free agency status, to San Diego this offseason. He tried to extend his contract with Bogarts, but failed to surpass San Diego’s 11-year, $280 million offer.

Still, there was an alternative to shortstop called Story. There seemed to be no need to worry about the shortstop vacancy right now. However, even the story is expected to be out about half of this year. explained that ‘Story underwent right elbow collateral ligament (UCL) reinforcement surgery’.

Haim Bloom, general manager, said, “I felt pain in my elbow while throwing a ball right before Christmas. He said, “It’s not Tommy John surgery, it’s a brace placed inside the elbow.”

Regarding the timing of his return, “I will not rule out a return this year. The door is open for a comeback this season,” he said, “but I wouldn’t expect it at this point. I want to see when he is 100%.” 

When Bogatz transferred and even had Story undergo surgery, the supply of the main shortstop immediately took an emergency. Of course, Boston is not without alternatives. All-around utility Quique Hernandez and backup infielder Cristian Arroyo can be ready. However, Boston wants to reinforce their shortstop somehow.

“Even when the story was healthy, I wanted to strengthen the center line,” Bloom said. Kikera is lucky to have a good option. However, even though there is Kike, we have to reinforce it.” 바카라사이트

The name of Kim Ha-seong did not come out of the mouth of a key Boston official. However, the will to reinforce the shortstop position seems certain. Local media are targeting Kim Ha-seong, who became a trade resource with the recruitment of Bogatz.

On the 7th, Boston local journalist Sean McAdam said through a podcast broadcast, “Boston should give up pitcher Tanner Hauke ​​and bring in Kim Ha-seong to solve the shortstop problem. Kim Ha-seong is a plus defender. He provides great defense from the center line. He argued that keeping Quique in center field can make the center line defense very strong.”

Hauk is a first-round pitcher in the 2017 draft by Boston. He claimed that he could fill in for a shortstop while scratching the itch of San Diego, which lacked depth as a starting pitcher. He also mentioned that Ha-sung Kim’s two-year contract period and reasonable annual salary ($7 million) are enough to serve as a stepping stone until prospect Marcelo Mayer grows up.

Circumstances suggest that Boston is in a hurry for a shortstop, and Ha-seong Kim is the best candidate for it. Of course, San Diego’s intentions are the most important. President AJ Preller said that there was an official trade inquiry about Kim Ha-sung, but he declined.

Nevertheless, Kim Ha-seong, who played full-time last year and played as the starting shortstop, does not seem to be solid. Dennis Lin, a San Diego reporter for The Athletic, said, “The joining of Matt Carpenter, who has an OPS of .847 against right-handed pitchers, is an option for Kim Ha-seong to sit on the bench as Cronenworth moves from first base to second base while facing certain pitchers. He said, ‘Ha-seong Kim recorded a score of .681 against a right pitcher, which is a slight increase from .601 in 2021’, suggesting the possibility of Ha-seong Kim’s platoon.

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