‘Gift bomb’ delivered to the future players of Korean women’s basketball… A great motivation for young people

A gift bomb has fallen on the future of Korean women’s basketball. For the토토사이트 players who returned their holidays and participated in the camp, it was a gift bomb that tasted like training. 

A total of 17 players from Sookmyung Girls’ Middle School, Cheongju Girls’ Middle School, and Buil Girls’ Middle School are participating in the ‘2023 Ahn Deok-soo/Assist Youth Girls’ Basketball Camp with Wilson’, which started on the 17th. Despite the sudden heatwave, the 17 players who participated in the camp seemed to be training with bright eyes in order to learn even one more thing from the Ahn Deok-soo campsite and coaches.

This camp is being held for female middle school elite players. For the growth of young girls, who can be said to be the basis of Korean women’s basketball, Ahn Deok-soo campground, Koo Jung-hoe, president of the Gimpo City Basketball Association, Lee Young-hyun, Cheongju Girls’ High School coach, and KB Stars Heo Ye-eun are passionately guiding the players beyond the scheduled training time. 

This passion was passed on to those around her, and helping hands lined up for young Korean women’s basketball players. 

First of all, the title sponsor of this camp, the global brand Wilson, provided uniforms and training supplies for the participating players and coaches. Wilson willingly donated players’ uniforms, basketballs, training supplies, and WNBA commemorative balls for the development of women’s basketball. Wilson, who served as the title sponsor for the Choo Seung-gyun youth camp last year, is becoming a brand like a tall uncle to Korean basketball youth. 

Before the camp was held, Koo Jeong-hoe, head of the Gimpo City Basketball Association, said that he would donate basketball equipment for junior women’s basketball players. When Ahn Deok-soo campground and assistants announced that they would fully support the expenses for participating players, she wanted to help herself as a basketball senior. Chairman Koo received socks sponsored by the sports brand Ame It Sports and presented them to participating players and coaches. Chairman Koo’s good deeds did not stop there. Chairman Koo, who joined the camp coaching staff at the request of Campground Ahn Deok-soo, was originally scheduled to serve as an advisor for only one day on the 17th. However, at the strong request of Ahn Campground and the players, I was able to join the players on the 18th. Chairman Koo, who canceled the existing schedule and joined the camp coaching staff on the 18th, said, “I couldn’t refuse to see the children having fun,” and said he was glad that he seemed to be helpful.

Hansae MK, which owns the domestic NBA Kids brand, sent an NBA reusable bag. Hansae MK started sponsoring bags with not only players but also parents in mind. Participating players and their parents really liked the reusable bag with the NBA logo on it and showed happy faces. 

Heo Ye-eun’s team, KB Stars, who joined the coaching staff at the invitation of Ahn Deok-su’s campsite, also sent gifts for the players. KB Stars presented cute dolls and basketball socks to the players, and the players were very happy that their camp activities were recognized by the professional club. Although they are grateful for the gifts from companies, the players who laughed at the gifts sent from professional clubs said, “I think it is a club that I can join later and I want to work hard to join, so I think I give a little more meaning to the gifts of KB Stars. (Laughs)” he said happily. 

KB Stars also shared the videos of the participating players through the official Instagram story, giving joy to the participating players. 

I wonder if the warm affection conveyed to the participating players with the support of women’s basketball officials and companies motivated the camp participants to play basketball harder someday, who will lead Korean women’s basketball. 

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