Giving up an annual salary of 9.8 billion and free agency, Kim Ha-seong’s best friend pro… Houston Ghana

 The Houston Astros, the 2022 World Series winner, is keeping an eye on outfielder Jurickson Profar (29), who is close to Kim Ha-seong, in the free agent market. Attention is focusing on what conditions Propar, who gave up an annual salary of 7.5 million dollars (approximately 9.8 billion won) next year and entered the free agency market, will be presented with. 

Reporter John Heyman of the US’New York Post mentioned Profar along with Michael Brantley and Michael Conforto as candidates for free agent outfielders that Houston is considering recruiting on the 18th (hereinafter Korean time). 

Houston, which acquired giant first baseman Jose Abreu (3 years, $58.5 million) in the free agent market, is also looking to reinforce the outfield. Right fielder Kyle Tucker and center fielder Chas McCormick are the starting pitchers, but a spot in left field is vacant. Brantley, who played as the main left fielder for the last four years, was released as a free agent, but at the age of 35, he entered the aging curve. After applying for free agency, Conforto also underwent shoulder surgery and took a full year off. 

Compared to Brantlina, who is on the decline, and Confoto, whose injury recovery is a variable, Propar is a resource that can be calculated.토토사이트

Profar, a switch hitter who debuted with the Texas Rangers in 2012, passed the Oakland Athletics, and played for the San Diego Padres since 2020, has a career batting average of 2.38, 648 hits, 78 homers, 313 RBIs, and an OPS of .708 over 9 seasons. In 152 games this year, he posted a batting average of .723 with 2.4 3.0, 140 hits, 15 home runs, and 58 RBIs, helping San Diego advance to the championship series. 

Propar, who signed a three-year, $21 million contract with San Diego in January 2021, has an opt-out clause that allows him to become a free agent after the 2021-2022 season. After finishing last year’s season, he exercised his $6.5 million annual salary player option this year, but this time it was different. He came to the free agent market with a buyout of 1 million dollars, giving up an option for next year’s annual salary of 7.5 million dollars. 

For the past two years, Propah has developed a close friendship with Kim Ha-sung in San Diego. Kim Ha-seong also said of Propa during the postseason last October, “It is a family-like relationship. He has a tremendous impact on the team with his professional, passionate fighting. It’s always fun to watch, and I think he’s a good friend.” 

However, as a teammate with Kim Ha-seong, it seems that the relationship will end in two years. After the season, Profar went to the free agency market and was likely to leave his beloved San Diego. San Diego’s left fielder is likely to be taken by Fernando Tatis Jr., who will be lifted from a banned substance suspension in mid-April next year.