Gwangju pushes the champions, but Ulsan wins

Gwangju FC, one of the best teams in this year’s K-League, launched a brilliant attack against champion Ulsan Hyundai. However, Ulsan proved its potential by winning a dramatic come-from-behind victory after a struggle.

On the 30th, round 10 of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 was held at four stadiums across the country. It was a day when the match results of top teams such as Ulsan, Pohang, and Daejeon drew attention.

At Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium, Ulsan Hyundai, the leader, won 2-1 against the sensational team, Gwangju FC.

Even when Gwangju faced the strongest team, Ulsan, they stuck to their own way of playing. I tried to keep the initiative, and I tried to connect the pass without panicking between Ulsan’s pressure. In the 25th and 36th minutes of the first half, goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo blocked Lee Hee-kyun’s menacing shots.

Ulsan was more threatening once the ball was connected to the front. Especially at the end of the first half, once they caught the flow, they rushed without a break. In the 42nd minute of the first half, in a corner kick situation, Kim Min-hyeok’s turning shot was narrowly blocked. In the 45th minute, Um Won-sang, who penetrated Ulsan’s fast attack, was about to connect with a shot, but Lee Sun-min took the ball out with a dramatic tackle. In added time, Boyanić’s free kick was taken by Kim Kyung-min.

After resting during halftime, Gwangju took the lead early in the second half. In the second half of the second half, after an elaborate pass connection, the defense blocked Um Ji-seong’s shot. The following corner kick was also received with Umjiseong’s head, and it flew high.

In the 5th minute of the second half, Gwangju’s decisive chance was destroyed. Um Ji-seong, who received a through pass and went in with Seol Young-woo, exquisitely cheated the timing and continued to shoot, but Cho Hyun-woo’s super save blocked it.

Ulsan started putting in powerful bench resources. In the 18th minute of the second half, Bako entered.

However, it was still Gwangju’s time. In the 20th minute of the second half, Gwangju midfielder Lee Soon-min’s shot hit the Ulsan goal post and I wondered if it was cold water, but it was offside. In the 26th minute, Park Han-Bin received the ball between Ulsan’s defense, turned around and even fired a shot, but Cho Hyun-Woo blocked it.

Ulsan put Lee Cheong-yong, who is always responsible for the last-minute operation, for the 30th minute of the second half. And went on the offensive. In the 32nd minute, Seol Young-woo’s right-footed shot after dribbling through the Gwangju camp was too weak. In the 33rd minute, Gwangju played 3 replacement cards at once and put Seung-Woon Ha, Lee Kun-Hee, and Kang-Hyun Lee.

It was Gwangju who scored the first goal with the substitution effect. In the 37th minute of the second half, when the cross was caught in the defense’s head and flowed backwards, Lee Kang-hyun caught it and fired a strong shot. The mid-range shot, which landed on the instep while slightly bouncing on the ground, drew a trajectory of rising and then falling, and Jo Hyun-woo스포츠토토 could not block it this time. This is the first goal for Gwangju Lee Kang-hyun, who transferred this year.

In the 42nd minute of the second half, Ulsan equalized. After the cross, Minhyuk Kim gave the ball back, and Bako quickly connected it with a non-stop shot.

Immediately after the equalizer, a battle of emotions broke out between the players of the two teams. Joo Min-kyu pushed Teemo over and both players were cautioned.

During extra time in the second half, Ulsan dramatically turned the game around. At first, the goal was canceled because it was judged that Lee Chung-yong, who had crossed before Ju Min-gyu shook the net, was in an offside position. However, as the goal was recognized at the end of VAR, Ulsan turned around. As the war of nerves continued after the reversal, an additional card came out.

On the other hand, Pohang Steelers missed the opportunity to play second place alone. In their home game against Incheon United, they lost 0-2. Incheon caught the big fish with consecutive goals from Moon Ji-hwan and Cheon Seong-hoon. Cheon Seong-hun announced the birth of a new scoring machine by scoring his third goal on the day following his K-League debut goal and his second goal a week ago.

Daejeon Hana Citizen, who was on the rise, was also defeated at home. They called Jeju United home and lost 0-3. In Daejeon, Kim Oh-kyu in the 21st minute of the first half, Jeong Woon in the 33rd minute, and Kim Bong-soo in the 33rd minute of the second half scored the first goals of the season in a row by players who were far from scoring.

Daegu FC overcame Sejingya’s injury gap and won 1-0 away from Suwon Samsung. In the 8th minute of the second half, Edgar saved the opening goal.

Ulsan, with 25 points, beat second place FC Seoul by 6 points and continued to dominate the lead. 2nd place Seoul and 3rd place Pohang are recording 19 points side by side. 4th place Daejeon stayed at 17 points, and 5th place Jeju recently went up to 14 points with a winning streak. Gwangju (13 points), which was defeated that day, remained in 6th place. Daegu in 7th place, Suwon FC in 8th place, Incheon in 9th place, Jeonbuk Hyundai in 10th place, Gangwon FC in 11th place, and Suwon Samsung in 12th place.

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