Harper, rumors of an early comeback… “Keep your options open”

The club announced its position on the registration of Bryce Harper (30), who recently underwent Tommy John surgery, to the injured list (IL).

Philadelphia Phillies President Dave Dombrowski said at a press conference held at the team’s spring training facility in Florida on the 21st (local time)온라인바카라 “Harper will not be listed on the IL on the 60th.”

Harper underwent Tommy John surgery in November last year and is known to be working on rehabilitation until recently. He was initially expected to take about six months to return, and the club side also revealed, “I will return before the All-Star break.”

Afterwards, there were voices of concern among local fans that he might be listed in the IL on the 60th. That’s because once he’s registered on this roster, he’ll be left off the 40-man roster. However, contrary to expectations, it was confirmed that Harper’s name was not registered.

After this news was known, some speculated that Harper might return sooner than expected. MLB.com reported on the same day, citing sources, that “he may return in June.”

Regarding this, President Dombrowski said, “The timing of his return has not been set. He is just leaving the options open,” he said. It is our hope to return before the All-Star break, but we will consider all options as we do not know what will happen.”

Regarding Harper’s current condition, Dombrowski said, “It doesn’t appear to be painful. He is recovering at a rapid pace,” he replied.

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