Holding a 10 month old baby… A mother in her 40s died after falling from the 25th floor of an apartment building.

An accident occurred in which a mother in her 40s and a baby who hadn’t turned one year old fell to their deaths in a residential-commercial apartment complex in Ulsan.

According to Ulsan Nambu Police Station on the 13th, at around 12:30 noon on the same day, a woman in her 40s fell from the 25th floor of a residential and commercial apartment in Samsan-dong, Nam-gu, holding a 10-month-old baby토토사이트.

They fell to the rooftop of the 4th floor of an apartment building. A resident who heard a ‘thump’ at the time of the accident called 112.

Mr. A died at the scene, and her baby was transported to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest, but eventually died.

They were found to be living in the apartment because of their mother-child relationship.

Police are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident.

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