“Honestly, I was stunned in Incheon… I will definitely go again” Park Jung-ah, notice of the 5th match

Clutch Park’ Park Jung-ah laughed again.

Highway Corporation won with a set score of 3-1 (먹튀검증22-25 25-21 22-25 25-20) in the home game of the 3rd leg of the women’s division championship match of the ‘2022-23 Dodram V League’ against Heungkuk Life Insurance held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 2nd. did. The road construction, which won the first victory after two consecutive losses, took the championship match to the next 4th game.

Park Jung-ah only scored 10 points in the first and second games, but she made a perfect comeback with 24 points (attack success rate of 38.18%), the highest for both teams that day.

In the post-game broadcast interview, when Park Jung-ah was asked, ‘Have you had a hard time?’, she answered “yes” and smiled.

Park Jung-ah said, “I was so lethargic in the first and second games, so we reflected a lot on our own.” “Before the game, today could be the last day with my colleagues, so I said let’s do it comfortably. I did it with a smile, but I think it went well.”

Park Jung-ah’s momentum at home and away was very different. Park Jung-ah said, “Honestly, there are too many Heungkuk Life Insurance fans in Incheon, and we weren’t prepared. There were some things that made me stunned, but there were a lot of our fans when we came home, and every time we scored a goal, there were cheering songs and it gave us strength.”

The Korea Expressway Corporation, which won its first win after two consecutive losses, is determined to lead the game to the fifth game by winning the fourth game. Park Jung-ah said, “We will go to Incheon again unconditionally. We will win the next game.”

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