“Hyung is hyung, I am me”… I grit my teeth and lose 15kg, I want to be Park Se-jin, not Park Se-woong’s younger brother

Now, I want to be called Park Se-jin (26, KT), not the younger brother of Park Se-woong (28, Lotte). After the first nomination in 2016, Park Se-jin, who had not been able to perform as well, expressed his determination to be reborn as a reliable left-handed bullpen for the 2023 season. 

Park Se-jin was a left-handed prospect who graduated from Gyeongbuk High School and was nominated in the first round by KT in the 2016 rookie draft. However, starting with an average ERA of 5.14 in 7 games and 2 losses in his first season, he failed to live up to expectations, with an ERA of 9.14 in 20 games, 1 win 9 losses and 5 years until the 2020 season. He spent much more time in the 2nd team than the 1st team, and while his classmates Lee Young-ha (Doosan) and Choi Chung-yeon (Samsung) were on the rise, his name was naturally forgotten.스포츠토토

Park Se-jin enlisted in the military as a social worker in January 2021 and fulfilled his military service obligations. His place of work was assigned to a daycare center and he had a lot of time for personal training, and he went to a training center in Daegu after work to prepare for the discharge. As a result, he lost his weight from 95kg to 82kg. When he joined the finishing camp after being called off, his body became so thin that the KT team did not recognize him.

Park Se-jin, who joined the first-team spring camp this year, lost 3 kg more at his camp site, Tucson, Arizona, USA. He, who we met at the site, said, “We eat the same meal here, but it is a little more difficult because we are exercising as a group rather than individually. That’s why I seem to have lost more weight,” he said. “Actually, I tried to lose only about 10kg at first, but as my body kept getting lighter, I had the idea to lose a little more, and I lost exactly 15kg.”

Preparations for camp are in order. It’s because I had a new mindset along with losing weight. Park Se-jin said, “When I was young, I noticed the seniors when I came to camp. So, this camp came with the goal of making it clear what I would do without paying attention. Right now, it is going well according to the goal,” he said with a smile.

When will Park Se-jin realize that he has lost 15kg? He explained, “Once my body has become lighter, and when I pitch and run, my body feels dull, but my brothers say that I look nimble.”

Park Se-jin is the younger brother of Park Se-woong, a local Lotte ace. Coincidentally, Park Se-woong, who boarded the WBC team, also came to Tucson to train for the national team, and his brother trained in the same place. 

Park Se-jin said, “I often meet with his older brother to eat and go to the mart together. I don’t talk about baseball well, but it seems like my brother asked the KT brothers how I’m doing.” I think he just needs to keep it steady,” he said. 

This year, I want to break out of the egg and be called Park Se-jin, not Park Se-woong’s younger brother. Park Se-jin said, “In the past, my brother was good at it, but I was not good at it, so I became a little conscious. There was a desire to do well because I was constantly compared,” he said. “Now that is not the case. I think hyung is hyung and I am me, so I want to work hard only on my own. I feel comfortable because I am not conscious of my brother and only think of myself.” 

For KT, which lacks left-handed pitchers, Park Se-jin’s comeback is like a welcome rain from a drought. KT coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “Park Se-jin has improved a lot. He seems to have changed his mind a lot. He expressed his expectations, saying, “He works very hard. In addition, while in the military, Park Se-jin constantly sent pitching videos to pitching coach Kim Tae-han to check his condition.

Park Se-jin said, “The hyungs also advise me that there is a shortage of lefties on the team, so if I work hard, there will be an opportunity.” In a way, he is a rival, but we are setting goals and running together.” 

Lastly, Park Se-jin, who dreams of a successful first-team settlement, was asked about his goals for this year. He said, “I want to be Anycall, who can go out unconditionally if the coach tells me to leave as long as he does not get sick while staying in the first team all season. He said, “I will play baseball well this year.” 

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