“I can’t fool blood”… The skills of the sons of the golf emperor and his empress

Can Son Woods send the ball farther than Father Woods? This is the scene that everyone is most looking forward to in the family team competition held once a year. By the way, this year, in addition to Woods’ ‘rich man’, there is also a ‘hat’ that stands out.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


Two Woods, even the same red shirt and black pants.

First, the ball hit by the son,

[I can’t believe it!] , lands

precisely in the narrow space between the lake and the hole.

Then, the ball hit by his father went out of the hole for a while and did not even reach the green.

It was the moment Tiger Woods, the ‘Emperor of Golf’, was embarrassed in front of his son. 토토사이트

Woods, who has been playing with his son for three years this year, and 13-year-old Charlie boast that he can now hit the ball farther than he does.

[Tiger Woods/Charlie Woods father: I think it will be a very easy week for us. Charlie hits the ball, and I just have to get the ball out of the hole.]

It is a competition in which 20 golfers compete as a team with their families, and two of them each make a shot to hit the ball in a better position.

This year, the ‘Golf Empress Hat’ will also be exhibited.

Annika Sorenstam, a 72-winner in American women’s professional golf, is out with her son, Will.

With one light swing, stick the ball close to the hole, and

[Tap it, it’s a birdie!]

The ball hit from the bunker goes straight into the hole.

Sorenstam introduced this son as a ‘golf fanatic’.

He is also the youngest of the contestants, at the age of 11 without a doubt.

[Will McGee/Annika Sorenstam’s son: My mother introduced me to Tiger Woods, and I was so excited to see Woods.] I can’t

wait to see what kind of great shots the sons will make that surpass their parents in this competition.