‘I can’t stand it’ Will Tottenham’s great escape begin? Disappointed with team, Perisic pushes for Inter Milan comeback

 Is it the start of Tottenham Hotspur’s ‘exodus’?메이저놀이터 The news is that Ivan Perisic (34), who has only been active for one season as the team’s key winger, is about to leave the team. This is because of the disappointing situation in the team in the second half of the season and the poor performance.

British media Sports Mall reported on the 16th (Korean time) that ‘Tottenham’s Perisic hopes to return to Inter Milan’. It is said that he wants to go to his former team, Inter Milan, after just one season after joining Tottenham. It seems that there are quite specific movements, not just wishes.

Perisic joined Tottenham in the transfer market last summer. Former manager Antonio Conte was heavily involved in Perisic’s joining Tottenham. The relationship between Conte and Perisic is deep. Serie A At Inter Milan, under coach Conte, he experienced Serie A, Coppa Italia, and Italian Super Cup victories. The decisive reason Perisic joined Tottenham was that former manager Conte chose him.

Conte’s ‘favorite pupil’ Perisic took over as left wingback after joining Tottenham. This season, he has appeared in 39 games, recording 1 goal and 11 assists. At the beginning of the season, there was criticism that the compatibility with Son Heung-min was not good. Recently, he has been showing good moves, such as assisting Son Heung-min’s goal.

However, Perisic seems to have no attachment to Tottenham anymore. Citing Italy’s Tutosport, the media reported that Perisic, who saw former manager Conte sacked, has plans to escape Tottenham this summer, although he is under contract until next season. There are two reasons why Perisic decided to escape Tottenham. This is because former coach Conte, who called him, was sacked. It is also known that he was disappointed that the possibility of advancing to the Champions League next season has decreased as the team’s recent performance has continued to be sluggish. Tottenham are currently 5th. They are three points behind fourth-placed Manchester United.

Perisic’s next destination is likely to be Inter Milan. It looks like there will be a vacancy for Perisic at Inter Milan. This is because left wingback Robin Gosens is showing interest in returning to his home country, the German Bundesliga. If Gosens leaves for the Bundesliga for Euro 2024, Perisic’s spot will be created.

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