“I heard that 155km is the goal, so a good night…” 197SV Captain’s sincerity

Currently, Okinawa, Japan, is in full swing with KBO League clubs practicing. On the 3rd, a confrontation between Hanwha and SSG took place at Kochi Stadium.메이저사이트

The player who caught the eye of the day was Kim Seo-hyeon (19), Hanwha’s ‘top prospect’. Having reigned as the best pitcher in high school since his days at Seoul High School, he was spotlighted by joining Hanwha as the first overall pick in the 2022 KBO draft. Having entered the professional stage with splendor, he was also on the cutting board last month due to the ‘SNS scandal’.

Kim Seo-hyun, who had time to reflect and returned to team training, appeared as a relief pitcher in the top of the 7th inning that day. Hanwha is leading 4-1. Seohyun Kim fearlessly threw a fastball of up to 153 km, blocking the SSG lineup with one hit and no runs in one inning. One out of three outs was a strikeout.

The game was broadcast live on ‘Eagles TV’, and when Kim Seo-hyun appeared, veteran and captain Jeong Woo-ram (38) with a total of 197 saves was in charge of special commentary.

What kind of pitcher is Kim Seo-hyun, watched by a veteran pitcher? “I have really good things to evaluate as a player. I still have habits from my high school days, but I think all the seniors should continue to tell me one by one and help me adapt well,” said Jung Woo-ram, “I tested various arm angles in the US training camp. There are also balls that miss. You have to recognize it quickly and throw it from the best angle.”

Jung Woo-ram also introduced an interesting anecdote related to Kim Seo-hyun. When Jung Woo-ram asked, “What is your goal?” Kim Seo-hyun said, “My goal is to go over 155 km.”

Jung Woo-ram, who said, “The goal was to go over 155km, so I hit the night,” said Jung Woo-ram, “I said, ‘The goal should be to throw a lot of strikes.’”

Jung Woo-ram expressed his sincere heart, “You have to throw a lot of strikes and gain experience. You have to try and feel each one.” He usually gives advice to Kim Seo-hyun, emphasizing the saying, “You have a high chance of catching a hitter when you throw a lot of strikes.”

In addition to Kim Seo-hyun, who joined this year, Hanwha also has a large prospect named Moon Dong-ju, who debuted as a pro last year, so we can expect a scene in which they will compete in good faith in the future.

Jung Woo-ram said, “Hanwha will become stronger if we can take each other’s strengths.” “Kim Seo-hyun’s strengths are her confidence on the mound and the appearance of not being intimidated by any hitter. Moon Dong-ju has a good fastball, good pitching form, and a good mindset. They have it. If Seohyun Kim learns the mindset of her senior, Dongju Moon, it will be a good synergy for each other.”

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