“I thought you were a famous celebrity” stimulated my curiosity… Are you in a bad mood now?

“At first, it was amazing, but now I ’m tired of it.

Popularity comparable to celebrities. The craze for virtual humans, which had been popular by being active in advertising models and home shopping until just a while ago, has withered in an instant.

Unlike real people, it is evaluated as a limitation that there 메이저놀이터is no bond over time, and that curiosity has decreased after seeing it often. This is because virtual humans were simply a fun and interesting element for the digitally familiar young people.

Virtual humans emerged like a flood because of industry demand to appeal to the younger generation and the advantage of being cheaper than celebrities. There is no risk burden such as personal life like celebrities. Rosie, Lucy, a virtual human with an indistinguishable appearance, enjoyed great popularity. Rosie, the first virtual human in Korea, has 130,000 social media followers , and Lucy has 160,000.

However, seeing it often, many point out that it is boring now. The limitation was that it was difficult to build a deep bond with the fans. In particular, people’s interest cooled more quickly as various virtual humans began to swarm.

Currently, the popularity of virtual humans is dependent on the younger generation in their 20s and 30s. They get interested quickly, but when they get tired of it, they quickly lose interest. As the frequency of exposure to virtual humans increases, the topicality inevitably declines.

Marketing using virtual humans has also disappeared. At least, the only active place is home shopping.

Lotte Home Shopping is actively promoting virtual humans instead of human show hosts. Lotte Home Shopping is actively using its self-developed virtual human ‘Lucy’ as a show host as a breakthrough after popular show host Jung Yoon-jung was suspended indefinitely for abusive language during a broadcast.

Lucy debuted as a show host specializing in fashion and is expanding her activities to car marketers, PR models, and entertainers. He is active as a curator, introducing not only art works, but also points of appreciation and tips for using interiors.

Lotte Home Shopping plans to further advance the technology to realize human-level Lucy and use it to sell various products.

Shinsegae SSG.com has selected a virtual human named ‘Waiti’ as its show host. Yiti is a female concept virtual human in her 20s, created last year by Shinsegae Group in partnership with Pulse Nine, a graphic company.

SSG.com also plans to continuously introduce products and services preferred by the younger generation with YT at the forefront.

An industry insider said, “In fact, the virtual human craze was largely influenced by curiosity.” “To sustain popularity, it is essential to build a bond with fans through face-to-face meetings like real celebrities, and build a solid fandom based on this, but virtual humans “There are still inherent limitations,” he pointed out.

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