“I will keep it throughout the season”… ‘5 games, 3 homers’ Roh Si-hwan’s ‘Golden Instinct’ wriggling [MD Okinawa]

Roh Si-hwan (Hanwha Eagles) crossed the fence again. The ‘giant gun instinct’ is waking up.

In a practice game against the Lotte Giants held on the 5th at Gushikawa Stadium in Okinawa, Japan, Noh Si-hwan started as the 3rd baseman and batted 5 times, recording 1 hit, 1 home run, 1 RBI, and 2 runs in 1 at-bat.

Roh Si-hwan was the lead batter in the first at-bat in the top of the second inning, trailing 0-2, and went on base due to an error by shortstop Park Seung-wook. Then, Kim In-hwan’s walk and Choi Jae-hoon’s missed hit came home. Noh Soo-gwang even came out with a timely hit, and Hanwha balanced 2-2.메이저사이트

Noh Si-hwan entered the second at-bat in the beginning of the 3rd inning with no runners out. He turned the tide of the game by hitting a one-run home run against Han Hyun-hee. In the 0B1S situation, he hit Hyun-hee Han’s 124 km / h curve. The flight distance was 115m.

Noh Si-hwan hit double-digit homers for two consecutive years with 12 home runs in the 2020 season and 18 home runs in the 2021 season. However, he posted a batting average of 0.281 with 122 hits and 6 home runs in 115 games last season with an OPS of 0.738. His batting average rose, but he didn’t hit many home runs.

Ahead of this season, Noh Si-hwan’s giant gun instinct is awakening. Noh Si-hwan hit a two-run home run in a practice game against the Dutch national team held in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA last month, recording his first real home run.

He continues to have a good hitting feeling in Okinawa, Japan. In a practice game against SSG Landers held on the 3rd at Kochi Stadium, in the bottom of the 5th inning, Park Min-ho crossed the fence in the middle right. Then, he hit a home run again against Lotte, recording 3 home runs in 5 games in spring camp.

Noh Si-hwan said, “I’m in good condition right now. I can see the ball well at bat. I can get tired at this time, but I’m in very good shape.”

Next, Noh Si-hwan said, “It’s really good that the pace has come up quickly, but honestly, I feel anxious. It’s because there are cases where I do well during camp but not during the season,” he said.

It is still only a practice game, but Noh Si-hwan’s long hitting power is reviving. Last season, Hanwha ranked last among 10 teams with a slugging power of 0.352. Kim In-hwan (16) and Mike Tuchman (12) were the only players with double-digit home runs. Ahead of this season, Chae Eun-seong and Brian O’Grady, who have long hitting skills, were recruited. If even Noh Si-hwan survives, it seems that Hanwha’s lineup will be able to exert great power.

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