“I will recruit Kane” Former Bayern Chairman’s declaration of war, Chairman Levy’s counterattack “If you want, within 166 billion won!”

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy’s true intentions were conveyed.

Bayern Munich’s pressure on Harry Kane is intense. Former Bayern chairman Uli Hoenes recently delivered a meaningful message to Tottenham. “Kane said he wants to join Bayern this summer,” he revealed. “Kane has clearly signaled in every conversation that his decision has been made, and if that decision holds, we will be able to bring him back, because then Tottenham will be able to buckle up,” Hoenenes said at Bayern Munich’s training camp. “Kane wants to play in the European Champions League and we’re lucky enough to be able to, but Tottenham can’t play next season. He has a chance to come to Europe’s top club.”

Hoenes concluded, “We all like it, and his advisers love this part too. So far, his father and brother have kept their promises. If that promise stays that way, I think it’ll be fine.” told 안전놀이터

Coach Thomas Tuchel also expressed his will to recruit Kane. “It’s a boring answer, but I don’t comment on players who aren’t with us,” said Tuchel. will do,” he explained. It was about Kane.

Chairman Levy, who was hiding his intentions from Bayern’s all-round pressure, expressed his intention to sell. Only for 116 million euros. On the 16th, French L’Equipe said, ‘The situation with Chairman Levy is clear’ and ‘Kane will either extend the contract or be sold this summer. Tottenham wants 116 million euros (about 166 billion won) for Kane’s transfer fee. It is highly likely that he will sell it this summer instead of sending it as a free agent. However, it is said that it will receive up to 116 million euros.

Photo capture = Tottenham SNS
Kane once joined the team training. Tottenham announced the news of Kane’s return to the training ground through the club’s official channel on the 13th. Not only Kane, but also recently transferred James Madison and Dejan Kulusevski joined Tottenham’s training. On his first day back at the club, Kane was said to have made it clear that he wanted permission to move to Munich. Tottenham have yet to deliver an answer.

The key lies in the interview with director Postecoglu. “Kane is one of the best strikers in the world and I want him to be with me,” Postecoglu said at his inaugural press conference. “I just want to try to do it. The conversation with him will be how we can make this club successful and there is no doubt that he wants it too.” But Kane’s heart is already leaning toward Bayern. He is not shaken by the recent love call from Paris Saint-Germain. Germany’s Sport Bild said on the 13th, ‘Kane has rejected a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain. Recently, Paris Saint-Germain has shown interest in Kane, but Kane’s side has made it clear that Paris Saint-Germain is not an option. “This is good news for Bayern and Kane wants to keep his promise.” Florian Plettenberg of Sky Sports in Germany also said: ‘Kane has made it 100% clear that he only wants to join Bayern. He is not considering a move to another overseas club. This was an agreement between Kane and Bayern. Kane said he is confident that he can win the European Champions League with Bayern and Tuchel.

As is known, Kane is positive for Bayern. “Bayern and Kane have reached an agreement in principle on the transfer,” said Christian Polk, Bayern’s exclusive reporter at Bild. On Kane’s side, family members such as Kane’s father and brother conducted the negotiations. Now, all that remains is the agreement with Tottenham.” Plettenberg said: ‘There were discussions between Bayern and Kane. Kane’s side was represented by his younger brother, Charlie. “We once again confirmed that the transfer to Bayern was realistic,” he said. If Kane leaves Tottenham this summer to move abroad, he said a move to Bayern was a target,’ he said. Plettenberg is considered a tier 1 reporter on Bayern.

Bayern are putting all their efforts into signing Kane. According to German Bilt on the 5th, coach Thomas Tuchel directly moved to recruit Kane. It is said that he went all the way to his house in London to meet Kane. At this meeting, it is known that Kane showed a positive reaction to Bayern. Bild reported that ‘Kane told coach Tuchel that winning the European Champions League with Bayern was attractive’.

The possibility of Kane going to Bayern began in earnest on the 25th of last month. ESPN reported that Bayern are set to begin negotiations with Tottenham over Kane. “Kane has one year left on his contract with Tottenham. If you don’t want to send him as a free agent next summer, now is the time to decide your future,’ he said. ‘Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy doesn’t want to transfer Kane to a rival club in England. Because of this, he said, ‘the possibility of going to Bayern is open.

Polk also backed this up. He said, ‘As a result of talking with Kane’s family, he has a transfer in mind. According to messages left by the Kane family, he is considering a move to the Bundesliga.’ Reporter Polk appeared on the podcast and said, ‘Kane’s situation is hotter than ever. ‘We are still in contact with Bayern’, he said, ‘and the current situation is specific and mutual’. Rudy Galletti, an influential Italian journalist, also said on his SNS that ‘Kane is still a target for Bayern’s main offensive reinforcement’. “Kane likes Bayern. After already contacting the club a few times, I don’t think there will be any problem in agreeing personal terms. Bayern are now in a situation where they have to start talking to Tottenham.”

Even at first, Kane was likely to stay at Tottenham. Romano nailed Kane’s future as ‘remaining’. “There is nothing specific about Kane. Tottenham will fight to keep the player to the end,” he said in an English cut-offside. Daniel Levy will fight to protect Kane.” Until recently, Romano said: “I don’t know when Bayern will make a new offer to sign Kane after the first one was rejected. At this stage, Kane has never said he wants to leave for Tottenham. New manager Enze Postecoglu A face-to-face meeting with the director will be instrumental in understanding the future of this story.”

Kane’s future has been a hot potato this summer. Kane’s contract expires in the summer of 2024. Kane, who extended his contract with Tottenham in 2018, signed a six-year contract. Kane showed off his consistent scoring power for six years. During this period, he still scored many goals, including winning the top scorer in the 2020-2021 season. He scored a whopping 30 goals this season too, though he was beaten by Erling Haaland’s monstrous scoring power. Kane not only broke Tottenham’s record for most goals, but is also close to breaking Alan Shearer’s all-time scoring record in the English Premier League (EPL). Kane is currently scoring 213 goals in the EPL alone.

Despite Kane’s great performance, he was unable to lift the trophy. He failed to win the FA Cup or League Cup, let alone the league. Tottenham adopted the Winnow policy and recruited the best players of the time, such as Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, one after another, but failed to lift the trophy. To make matters worse, they stayed in 8th place last season, and were unable to compete in the Europa League or even the Europa Conference League, let alone the European Champions League. It was literally the worst season. Naturally, after the season ended, Kane’s future began to be discussed. Even for Tottenham, this summer is the last chance to make big money with Kane.

The Kane saga is on fire once again this summer. Manchester United, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain jumped into the race to sign Kane. Manchester United, which is eager to recruit a front-line striker, was active. Marcus Rashford has struggled this season, but United want a more reliable striker. As much as Kane wants to break Shearer’s record, he wants to stay in England rather than move to another league. However, Manchester United seem to have taken a step back from Chairman Daniel Levy’s threats. Levy wants more than £100m. It is obviously burdensome to pour more than 100 million pounds on a striker born in 1993 with only one year left on his contract from the standpoint of Manchester United, which has to promote not only the front line, but also goalkeeper and midfielder recruitment. Manchester United’s sale is not going well, and it is known that the transfer fee that can be spent this summer is around £120m.

Not only Manchester United, but also Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain wanted Kane. Real Madrid are in dire need of reinforcing their frontline after Karim Benzema’s sudden departure to Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittihad. Joselu was given an emergency blood transfusion, but it is true that he is weak to become the main striker for Real Madrid, which is aiming to win the league and European Champions League. Real Madrid are preparing for a generational change with the signing of Jude Bellingham, but it is not easy to invest too much money in Kane.

In the meantime, Bayern jumped in. Bayern, where Kane can lift trophies every season, is an attractive destination. Coach Tuchel even met Kane, and Bayern is in a position to bring Kane unconditionally. Bayern handed over the first offer on the 28th of last month. The Athletic said, “Bayern offered Tottenham a transfer fee of 70 million euros (about 99 billion won).” Here’s the amount plus the bonus. But Tottenham were adamant. Romano said: ‘Bayern’s offer of 70 million euros and a bonus was rejected by Tottenham. Tottenham are not interested in this amount,’ he said. Plattenberg also reported that ‘Bayern’s offer was rejected by Tottenham’.

The second offer is also rejected. On the 10th, the British Daily Mail said, ‘Tottenham will reject Bayern Munich’s second offer for Kane’. Fabrizio Romano, who is recognized as the best public confidence in the European transfer market, said on his SNS on the same day, ‘Bayern made a second offer to sign Kane. The option was included for 80 million euros (approximately 114.3 billion won). Tottenham have already rejected an offer of 70 million euros. Tottenham’s reaction after the second proposal is similar to the first proposal. We are waiting for an official response.” Plettenberg also said, ‘Bayern made a second offer for Kane. Add-on included for 80 million euros. Kane said he wants to join Bayern right now.

First of all, Tottenham’s attitude is tough. Chairman Daniel Levy is a strong figure. England’s 90min said, ‘Bayern made a second offer, but Tottenham still did not reveal their will to continue the dialogue’. Tottenham journalist Paul O’Keeffe sarcastically said: “If Bayern’s offer is true, we can get a piece of Kane. Just the left foot.”

Chairman Levy is in a situation where he is horny about Bayern’s active pressure. It was decisive that Coach Tuchel met Kane. According to Bild, Levy is known to be furious that Bayern had reached a personal agreement with Kane behind his back. Bilt said, ‘Chairman Levy wants Bayern to bleed’. Prior to the agreement between the clubs, Chairman Levy, who regarded Bayern’s act of contacting the player first as an illegal act, is said to have established a position that he would not sell Kane even for 100 million euros.

He set out to catch Kane at the same time. He even raised the number of victories. On the 11th, the British Telegraph reported that Tottenham will offer Harry Kane a weekly wage of 400,000 pounds (about 670 million won) as a condition of contract renewal. Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires in the summer of 2024. £400,000 is the highest weekly wage in the English Premier League. It is second after first place Elling Holland. Slightly higher than third place Kevin De Bruyne. Kane currently earns £200,000 a week, which is twice as much. Considering Tottenham’s weekly wage system, it is truly an unconventional treatment. However, it was reported that Kane showed a sluggish reaction.

Bayern is not giving up either. France’s ‘Daily Sport’ reported that ‘Bayern’s leadership only wants Kane’s arrival. I am ready to do anything as long as I can successfully recruit Kane. Their ideal scenario would be to convince Levy ahead of the team’s Asian tour scheduled for this week’s 14th,’ he said. ‘They know this deal will take time and can last until August. Bayern is preparing a third offer estimated at 90 million (approximately 128.2 billion won) to 95 million euros (approximately 135.3 billion won), excluding bonuses.’ This amount is the highest in the club’s history. If this is not the case, we consider up to 1 year of re-examination.

Bayern’s continued pressure, and Levy’s intentions are conveyed, and the Kane saga is getting hotter and hotter.

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